Are you interested in advertising a literary product or content on Wishful Endings? Wishful Endings, a book blog for mostly young adult, Christian romance, and sweet romance books (you’ll also find hobby titles, general romance, middle grade, and some LDS nonfiction), has progressively grown each year. In January of 2015 unique visits were averaging 3,000. In January of 2017, two years later, average unique visits almost doubled.

Tressa believes in producing quality and honest content and in remaining personable with her followers. You can expect the same when promoting with her.

There are two options for advertising: 1) ads run on this site and 2) ads spotlighted in my monthly newsletter. For one banner spot on my newsletter the cost is $10 (when you provide the banner). For advertising on this site, please see the info below.

Two-week and monthly rates for ads are listed below with examples of the ad space. You can provide the ad to be promoted or, for an additional charge, Tressa can create the ad for you with your specifications using your book cover. (Please make sure you read the terms below.)

Sidebar Ad, 2-week: $6, month: $10 (prices for those providing their own ads)

Sidebar ads appear on the sidebar. Multiple types of these ads can be run at the same time.

Bottom of Page Ad, 2-week: $10, month: $18 (prices for those providing their own ads)

Bottom of Page ads appear on every page and on posts below comment section, so every reader sees them. Space is limited as only one of these types can be run at a time.

Ready to place an ad? Please email Tressa at this address. Please title the subject "Advertise on Wishful Endings" and include the type, length, and ad size you are interested in, if you will be providing the ad or are interested in Tressa designing an ad, as well as any other questions or details.

  1. Only ads that are family-friendly in appearance and language will be considered (no half dressed models or suggestive language).
  2. Each ad must be approved by Tressa and must be a good fit for Wishful Endings.
  3. Ads can be linked to an online retailer, using an affiliate link, or to a publisher, book, or author's site.
  4. Ads created by Tressa belong to you to use as you wish once it has been finalized.
  5. Billing is run through PayPal and is due before the ad is run.


If you'd like to know more about my blog traffic and reach, here are some numbers for you:

Monthly page views (stats taken from January 2016 through March 2017): 8,000+
Monthly unique visitors (stats taken from January 2016 through March 2017): 5,600+
Twitter: 5,500+
Facebook: 3,300+
Bloglovin’: 3,200+
Instagram: 1,500+
Goodreads: 1,246
Email subscribers: 1,100+
Google+: 800+
Pinterest: 500+
Klout score: 51

Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests by email.