Review Requests

I am currently scheduled out three to four months for reviews and am being very selective in what I will accept. I used to accept almost all books for review, but as my blog has grown, that just isn't possible anymore. If you contact me for a review, please be sure that it's a good fit for my blog (family-friendly cover, no sex, very minimal or no swearing, well-edited, and has some romance, unless it's a nonfiction title, such as for crafts, cooking, parenting, etc.).

I read around 200 books each year. I only post reviews of books I recommend, enjoyed, thought were well written or worth reading on this blog. I post reviews of all the books I read, regardless if I liked them or not, on Goodreads and Amazon. Reviews that post on my blog are also shared on Facebook and Twitter.

I do not guarantee a review. If I didn't like the book or it had too much mature content, I may choose not to finish it and will not post a review on my blog (I do still post to Amazon and Goodreads). As I mentioned above, my ideal is for each book I read to be clean, with limited swearing and sexual content. I also expect clean covers as this is a family friendly blog (no half-dressed models or with characters in overly seductive poses). If there is swearing, sexual or violent content in a book, especially more than I feel is necessary, I will state that in my review. If it occurs to the point where I can no longer tolerate it, I will note the book as not finished (DNF). The flip-side of that is that I am completely honest in my reviews and when I love a book or feel it is well written, I will definitely be telling the world! :)

Genres I read: Young Adult, sweet Romance, Christian Romance, New Adult, and LDS Fiction. I pretty much read all sub-genres (contemporary, historical, fantasy, dystopian, scifi, steampunk, etc., except most thrillers). I do not read Erotica or M/M and F/F romances.

Book format: I prefer print books (including ARCs) for review as my Kindle gets overloaded, but am open to audiobooks compatible with an ipod, and ebooks compatible with my Kindle (PDF or Mobi). I am also a member of Edelweiss and NetGalley. I never share ebook ARCs. Ever. I do share and giveaway physical ARCs on my blog on occasion at no profit to myself or anyone else.

If I received a book from an author or publisher I will state that in my review. This, however, has no influence over my thoughts on the book and content and if I recommend reading it. My reviews are completely my own.

When submitting a book for review, please include:
  1. Your name and contact information
  2. Title and summary of book
  3. The genre and sub-genre your book falls under
  4. Links for you and your book
  5. Ideal date(s) for my review to be completed
  6. Confirm that your book is clean in content
  7. If you'd like to do a giveaway and, if so, what type (ebook/print), and who can enter (US or international)

You can submit a book for review by emailing me here.

Giveaway Policy

Giveaways may include ebooks, new books, second-hand (gently used, normally read once) books, gift cards, swag, etc.

You must be at least 13 years old to enter any of my giveaways (this is by law) and have parental approval if under 18. I will select winners using rafflecopter.com or random.org. Winner's entries will be verified and if not completed or if winner entered an incomplete email address and I can't contact them (after using the information winner has given me), a new winner will be chosen. Once contacted, winners must respond in a timely manner with a mailing address, email address, or other info as requested or with choice of prize, if applicable. If I don't receive a response in a timely manner, a new winner will be selected. Winners' names will be posted on the rafflecopter form or at the end of the original giveaway post.

I cannot be held responsible for lost books once they have been mailed, nor for an author or publisher not getting a book to you. I will do everything I can to check into a lost book in case it wasn't sent or if something can be done.

Most of my giveaways will be for US and International residents. However, please verify that you are eligible to enter a giveaway before doing so.

Privacy Policy

When posting winners, I will only use the name that was used to enter the giveaway, which the winner provided.

If you need to leave a way for me to contact you, please do not use your full email address in comments as this allows spammers to access it. Please use this format: "name at yahoo dot com" or if you have a twitter account use that: "@name." There is rarely a time you ever need to leave your email.

I will never give, transfer, or exchange your personal information without your knowledge (such as to an author or publisher who needs to send you a winning). I also will never sell your personal information. I will always state if a giveaway is being sponsored by a publisher or author so that you know if your info will be passed along to them, for that purpose only.

Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links on this site, most commonly for Amazon, Book Depository, and Target. This means that when you click on these links to make a purchase, I receive a small kickback. It makes no difference to your purchase and changes nothing on your end.

Anytime you shop on Amazon, the Book Depository, or Target, you can support my blog by using my links. I actually do the same thing, but for other bloggers. This doesn't affect winners of giveaways nor the books I choose to review or influence my reviews in any way.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

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