Trix's Pros & Cons List for Constellation of Roses by Miranda Asebedo (Guest Post & #Giveaway) @The_FFBC

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Constellation of Roses
By Miranda Asebedo
YA Contemporary
Hardcover, Audiobook & ebook, 336 Pages
November 5th 2019 by HarperTeen


Ever since her mother walked out, Trix McCabe has been determined to make it on her own. And with her near-magical gift for pulling valuables off unsuspecting strangers, Trix is confident she has what it takes to survive. Until she’s caught and given a choice: jail time, or go live with her long-lost family in the tiny town of Rocksaw, Kansas.

Trix doesn’t plan to stick around Rocksaw long, but there’s something special about her McCabe relatives that she is drawn to. Her aunt, Mia, bakes pies that seem to cure all ills. Her cousin, Ember, can tell a person’s deepest secret with the touch of a hand. And Trix’s great-aunt takes one look at Trix’s palm and tells her that if she doesn’t put down roots somewhere, she won’t have a future anywhere.

Before long, Trix feels like she might finally belong with this special group of women in this tiny town in Kansas. But when her past comes back to haunt her, she’ll have to decide whether to take a chance on this new life . . . or keep running from the one she’s always known.

With lovable and flawed characters, an evocative setting, and friendships to treasure, A Constellation of Roses is the perfect companion to Miranda Asebedo’s debut novel The Deepest Roots.

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Guest Post: Trix's Pros & Cons List

Miranda created this super fun list! Check it out:

About the Author

Miranda Asebedo was born and raised in rural Kansas with a love of fast cars, open skies, and books. She carried that love of books to college, where she got her B.A. and M.A. in English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing and Literature. A Seaton Fellowship recipient, her short fiction has appeared in Kansas Voices, Touchstone, and Midway Journal.

Miranda still lives on the prairie today with her husband, two kids, and two majestic bulldogs named Princess Jellybean and Captain Jack Wobbles. If Miranda's not writing or reading, she's most likely convinced everyone to load up in the family muscle car and hit the road.

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Read an excerpt from A Match for Emma by Pepper Basham (Excerpt & #Giveaway)

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A Match for Emma
(Mitchell's Crossroads #3)
By Pepper Basham
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 340 Pages
November 21st 2019


Emma Mitchell may enjoy sprinkling romance into the lives of others, but her own plans involve a single first-class ticket to culinary school in Europe.

When her best friend, Jon Noble, suddenly moves back to Ransom, Emma’s fairly certain her life can’t get any better…until her matchmaking schemes nosedive, her culinary future falls flat, and a life-long friendship begins to teeter on the brink of something unexpected.

With a little inspiration from Jane Austen’s classic and a touch of Blue Ridge charm, will Jon and Emma discover that what they need the most may be the last thing they’re trying to find?

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“How is it you knew what groceries we needed and where to place them all?”

She stopped in front of him on her way back to the last few items. “I know what wasn’t in your cupboards from cleaning last week, and you guys have kept your groceries in the same places for decades.”

“Wait.” He caught her before she could slip away. “You cleaned the house? We paid your mom.”

Her eyes widened as her palm went to her hip, as if the two motions were attached. “I helped sometimes.” She shrugged and turned back to her work. “It always makes me feel closer to you when I’m here.”

Her words, muttered as an afterthought, dug into his conscience like an unyielding knife.

Jonathan had known his leaving had wounded Emma, as it would any two friends separating, but...well, he’d never considered how deeply. He studied the back of her head, working through questions he’d never posed because he’d been so focused on making plans, starting a business, adjusting to his new life. His stomach dropped. Too busy running after a dream.

What did it feel like to be left behind in this friendship?

“Don’t look so distraught.” Emma smacked a loaf of bread against his shoulder. “Just because I love your dad more than you doesn’t mean you’re not on my top ten list.”

“Top ten, eh?”

“Yep, right under Narnia.”

He caught his laugh. “Glad to know that I fit somewhere near your cat.”

“Hey.” She pointed a jar of peanut butter at him. “Someone had to take over your spot on the couch on movie nights."

About the Author

Pepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes romance peppered with grace and humor with southern Appalachian flair. Both her historical and contemporary novels have garnered recognition in the Grace Awards, Inspys, and ACFW Carol Awards. Her historical romance, The Thorn Healer, was a finalist in the 2018 RT Awards. Her most recent historical romance, My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge, showcases her Appalachian heritage and family history, as well as her love for humor and family.

She currently resides in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC where she is the mom of five great kids, a speech-language pathologist to about fifty more, and a lover of chocolate, jazz, hats, and Jesus. Her upcoming release, A Match for Emma, is the third book in her popular Mitchell’s Crossroads series.

Pepper loves getting to know readers and other authors through social media. You may also learn more about her on her website!

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Check out the cover for Genes by Mary Ting (Cover Reveal)

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for
Genes by Mary Ting
Book three in the International Sensory Assassin Network, a Young
Adult Dystopian series, coming April 21st 2020 from Vesuvian Books...


Allegiances will be tested. Identities will be revealed. No one is safe.

While searching for the HelixB88 anti-serum on the black market, Ava uncovers valuable intel that may help the rebels in their fight to bring down ISAN—the location of a hidden facility. But first, the insurgents must find the female citizens unexpectedly displaying powers without use of the Helix serum before ISAN captures them. As the rebels join forces with other sectors, ISAN plans their destruction by using someone they don’t suspect at the rebel home base: a traitor within.

Praise for ISAN Series

"Addictive and impossible to put it down!" —Addison Moore, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Captivating from the very beginning, this sci-fi novel explores issues of autonomy and survival in a world where there are few remaining citizens after meteors crashed into Earth … this thrilling dystopian drama has a splash of romance and tons of action. The fast-paced chapters will engage reluctant readers and fans of postapocalyptic scenarios.” —School Library Journal

"ISAN will leave readers breathless with anticipation as they race through each exciting page." —Tiffany King, USA Today Bestselling Author



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Book Trailer

Other Books in the Series

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About the Author

Mary Ting is an international bestselling, award-winning author. She writes soulful, spellbinding stories that excite the imagination and captivate readers around the world. Her books span a wide range of genres, and her storytelling talents have earned a devoted legion of fans, as well as garnered critical praise.

Becoming an author happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she had in high school. After realizing she wanted to become a full-time author, Mary retired from teaching after twenty years. She also had the privilege of touring with the Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book: No Bullies Allowed.

Mary resides in Southern California with her husband, two children, and two little dogs, Mochi and Mocha. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Being a huge Twilight fan, Mary was inspired to make book-themed jewelry and occasionally gives it away as prizes to her fans.


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Wherever she goes, danger seems to find her... To Die, To Sleep by Stephanie Black (Review & #Giveaway) @covenantlds

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To Die, To Sleep
By Stephanie Black
Adult Romantic Suspense
Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 272 Pages
November 1st 2019 by Covenant Communications


After surviving a difficult year, Natalie Marsh is heading for Ellsberg Keep, an exclusive mountain resort that promises to provide the tranquility she desperately needs. She's eager to relax and to reconnect with her estranged cousin Lily, who works as the Keep's nurse—a reunion that begins abruptly when an accident on the winding mountain roads lands Natalie in the infirmary in the care of her cousin. They have little time to bond over childhood memories, however. Everything is thrown into chaos when the owner of the Keep is rushed to the medical wing, wildly delusional and raving about a murder plot.

Despite Lily's care, the owner dies. Is his death simply an accident, or are his frenzied suspicions true? Determined to help Lily cope with the loss of her patient—and the accusations that she's to blame for his death—Natalie searches for answers and is swept into a mystery that grows more puzzling as frightening hallucinations torment the dead man's son. When a staff member who asks too many questions disappears, it is clear that this idyllic resort harbors someone with deadly intent—and Natalie may not survive to uncover the truth.

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My Review

TO DIE, TO SLEEP is a murder mystery that begins pleasantly and then grows in intensity to the climatic end. Readers will find themselves cheering on these characters as they try to figure out what is going on. Recommended to fans of the author and genre.

I appreciated that even though this is the third book by this author with the same main characters, it can easily be read on its own. Having only read the first book, NOT A WORD, years ago these characters weren't real familiar to me, but I had no issues getting into this story. I also appreciated that there is a bit of romance, but it very much takes a backseat to the family and friend dynamics of this story, and especially to the mystery. This story is foremost about what the protagonist, Natalie, stumbles into when she's supposed to be vacationing and the subsequent investigation that ensues.

I really liked these characters. It was so easy to connect with them. I also really liked the whole mysterious vibe that Ellsberg Keep emits with its hard structure and being set during the cold of winter so that it feels even more isolated. Then there's the whole plot... full of twists and turns, which kept me guessing almost to the very end.

The only thing that didn't quite work for me was some overly dramatic characters and their actions. Some of it just felt too convoluted and illogical. Particularly the extreme loyalty and obedience towards Trudy and then the way she hides so much. Then there was also Isabel, Jake and Charlotte.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I really enjoyed reading this one! It's a murder mystery with plenty of twists, a creepy setting, and lovable characters. Definitely recommended!

Content: Some violence, but nothing too detailed or gory.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Other Books in the Series

The main character in To Die, To Sleep is also in these two other books, but it each can be read
on their own. The first book is linked to my review and the second to Amazon (an affiliate link).

About the Author

I’ve enjoyed making up stories since I was a child, when my sisters and I would play long Barbie games full of intrigue and danger, or write and direct plays for ourselves and our younger siblings. I took a creative writing class in high school, but my stories stunk, since I hadn’t yet figured out that a story needs a plot. An encouraging comment from the teacher got me rolling in the right direction (thank you, Mrs. Owen!) and my final story for that class eventually developed--after many years, much studying of fictional technique, and countless hours of writing and rewriting--into my first published novel: The Believer, a dystopian thriller, was published in 2005 by Covenant Communications.

Four of my contemporary mysteries are Whitney Award winners for Best Mystery/Suspense, and my second dystopian novel was a Whitney Award Finalist for Best Speculative Novel. My novella “An Eye for an Eye” was part of the RONE Award-winning anthology Timeless Romance: Autumn Suspense collection.

My husband Brian and I have five children, two children-in-law (with one more on deck), and a rather majestic cat. I love spending time with my family, enjoy homemade pizza and anything chocolate, and have recently developed a fondness for LEGO projects. I play the violin in a community symphony (but never practice enough), and always have unmatched socks, post-laundry. At the center of everything that matters most is my love for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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I Can't Wait for... Belle Révolte by Linsey Miller (Can't-Wait Wednesday/Waiting on Wednesday) #CWW #WOW

Can't-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted here, at Wishful Endings, to spotlight and discuss the books we're excited about that we have yet to read. Generally they're books that have yet to be released. It's based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Jill at Breaking the Spine. If you're continuing with WOW, feel free to link those up as well! Find out more here.

This is a bit of a twist on the Prince and the Pauper and sounds really interesting. I've always liked the mix of magic and aristocracy with all its various levels of society because there is just a lot you can do with that, particularly building complex characters. It's my pick this week...

Belle Révolte
By Linsey Miller
YA Fantasy
Hardcover & ebook, 384 Pages
February 1st 2020 by Sourcebooks Fire


From the author of the Mask of Shadows duology comes a standalone fantasy where two young women must trade lives, work together to stay alive, and end a war caused by magic and greed before it kills thousands.

Emilie de Marais is more at home holding scalpels than embroidery needles and is desperate to escape her noble roots to serve her country as a physician. But society dictates a noble lady cannot perform such gruesome work.

Annette Boucher, overlooked and overworked by her family, wants more from life than her humble beginnings and is desperate to be trained in magic. So when a strange noble girl offers Annette the chance of a lifetime, she accepts.

Emilie and Annette swap lives―Annette attends finishing school as a noble lady to be trained in the ways of divination, while Emilie enrolls to be a physician's assistant, using her natural magical talent to save lives.

But when their nation instigates a terrible war, Emilie and Annette come together to help the rebellion unearth the truth before it's too late.

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A short and sweet story for Christmastime... Love Me, Darling by Laura Burton (Review)

Love Me, Darling
(Love Me #4)
By Laura Burton 
Adult Contemporary Romance, Christmas, Novella
Paperback & ebook, 139 Pages
November 10th 2019 by Burton & Burchell Ltd


A short Christmas romance to warm your heart this winter.

Lottie: I hate Christmas.

The LED lights give me a headache.

I can't sing. And I get sick. Every. Single. Year.

This year is the worst. My Nan is practically on her deathbed and has planned for the biggest Christmas party this world has ever seen. Everyone will be there. Lucas Green is invited. My childhood crush. The guy I've been stuck in the friend zone for years. This is my last chance to get him to notice me. But how do I stop looking like an idiot with all the Christmas cheese at every turn?

Lucas: It's the best time of year.

Business is booming.

Ada's about to give birth any day now.

The town is full of cheer. And Lottie is coming home for the holidays.

This is it. The year I finally make a move. Otherwise I think Ada will kill me. Problem is, every time I see her, my legs turn to jelly and I act like a total idiot. I need to woo her with lots of Christmas surprises. I mean, who doesn't love Christmas? Nothing can go wrong.

An adorable Christmas story including all of the couples from the 'Love Me' series. Laughter, tear-jerking moments and swoon-worthy romance all wrapped up in Christmas gift wrap. A British Christmas romance suitable for all ages.

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My Review

LOVE ME, DARLING is a sweet romance set in England between two old friends who find that this Christmas might change everything for them. The characters are charming, as is the setting, with plenty of humor and crazy mishaps to liven the story up. Sweet romance fans and fans of the series may enjoy this one.

This is the first book I've read from this series, so I think those who have read the other three books will probably get the most enjoyment from reading this short story. The author doesn't give a thorough introduction of most of the side characters, so I didn't really connect with any of them. However, the main characters, Lottie and Lucas, I connected with just fine. There were plenty of great moments between these two, some chemistry filled, others humorous, and some a little heartbreaking. It was a predictable story, but with enough twists and turns, as well as some entertaining meddlers that made it interesting.

In the end, was it what I wished for? Overall, I enjoyed reading this. It's short, sweet, and light, with a setting and characters that are easy to like.

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the author, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Other Books in the Series

This is a new author for me. Have you read any of the books in this series or other books by her? Will you be reading this one?

The End of the Magi by Patrick W. Carr (Tour Launch & #Giveaway)

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Note from the Author

Hello to everyone joining the tour for The End of the Magi. I guess the thought on everybody’s mind is “What is a fantasy novelist doing writing a straight-up Biblical historical novel?” Well, as we say, therein lies the story.

Back in the mid 90’s I was deep into a series of Bible studies on tape by a teacher named Chuck Missler. It was amazing how he opened my eyes to the complexity and perfection of God’s word. I think I must have gone through a few hundred hours of listening when I got to his study on the book of Daniel. During that study, he mentioned that the magi might have been a sect of wise men that Daniel created in response to receiving the prophecy of the 70 weeks. That idea really fired my imagination, and I found myself wondering and imagining what that must have looked like. I realized that would mean that for hundreds of years there were wise men watching and waiting for the fulfillment of that prophecy.

I’d always wanted to write their story, but it just kind of sat in the back of my head for a couple of decades and then I was committed to writing THE STAFF AND THE SWORD and then THE DARKWATER SAGA. After I finished the two series, I decided to finally tell their story. I guess I was a little naïve. I thought I’d be able to do a little bit of research and write the story. It turns out that there’s not that much information on the Parthian Empire, the setting for the story. We actually have more information on the previous empire (Assyrian). I had to do a lot of digging, but the information I uncovered was fascinating. Their burial beliefs in particular were surprising, and it was a lot of fun to be able to include those sorts of details in the book. I think everyone will be kind of amazed at how broad the world was at that time. Goods and people were traveling all the way from ancient China to the Roman Empire.

I don’t want to give away too much, but I will tell you that all the historical details are as accurate as I could make them. Some of the most shocking parts of the book are ripped right from the pages of history! Thanks again for joining the tour. I hope you enjoy the story.


The End of the Magi
By Patrick W. Carr
Christian Historical Fiction
Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 384 Pages
November 5th 2019 by Bethany House Publishers

Centuries before the magi arrived in Bethlehem,
a prophecy sets a young magus on his path . . .

Following his vision of the coming Messiah, the prophet Daniel calls forth a select group of men who will count down the calendar until the arrival of Israel's promised king. Centuries later, as the day draws near, Myrad, a young magi acolyte, flees for his life when his adoptive father and others are slain by a ruthless Parthian queen.

Equipped with very little, in haste Myrad escapes the city and, searching for a way to hide from the soldiers scouring the trade routes, tries to join the caravan of the merchant Walagash. The merchant senses that Myrad is keeping secrets, but when the young man proves himself a valuable asset, an epic journey filled with peril, near captures, and dangerous battles begins.

With every day that passes, the calendar creeps closer to the coming Messiah. And over everything shines the dream of a star that Myrad can't forget, and the promise that the world will never be the same.

Praise for the Book

"Carr retells the story of the Magi in this bustling biblical adventure . . . . Myrad's divine vision of the star and his arduous trek battling his own physical problems to pay homage to the Messiah capture the majesty of biblical narratives and will appeal to Christians well versed in scripture."--Publishers Weekly

"Patrick Carr brings us a captivating tale in The End of the Magi. Based on the Holy Bible, he weaves a fictional tale of the adventures of a group of magi from the east looking for the Messiah. Myrad is a strong main character even though he doesn't see himself as strong. He has great character traits and these help him find triumph over tragedy. . . . The End of the Magi is a great holiday read and gives us much to think about in our journey to know God better."--Fresh Fiction

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Tour Schedule

November 18th:
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Paulette's Papers
Rockin' Book Reviews
November 19th:
Christian Chick's Thoughts
I'm Going on an Adventure
November 20th:
A Baker's Perspective
Library Lady's Kid Lit
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November 21st:
Kimber Li
Wishful Endings
Faithfully Bookish
November 22nd:
Christy's Cozy Corners
J. L. Mbewe
Daughter of Increase 
November 25th:
Pause for Tales
Splashes of Joy
Backing Books
November 26th:
The Heart of a Scribe
Reading Is My SuperPower
Bookworm Lisa
November 27th:
Tell Tale Book Reviews
Red Headed Book Lady
The Shelf Life
November 28th:
For Him and My Family
Hallie Reads
Labor Not in Vain
November 29th:
Heidi Reads...
Paper Ink & Lizard

Bookstagram Tour

This has its own giveaway, so go check it out! Enter at each stop for extra entries.

About the Author

Patrick W. Carr is the author of the acclaimed fantasy series The Staff and the Sword. A Cast of Stones won the 2014 Carol Award for Speculative Fiction and the 2014 Clive Staples Award. A Cast of Stones and The Hero's Lot were both finalists for 2014 Christy Awards. He teaches high school math and makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee, with his incredible wife, Mary, and their four sons.

Tour Giveaway

- One winner will receive a print copy of The End of the Magi and a $20 B&N gift card
- Four winners will each receive a print copy of The End of the Magi
- US only
- Ends November 29, 2019

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A surprising mystery and unexpected love... Lake Season by Denise Hunter (Review) @Celebrate_Lit

Welcome to my tour stop! I've been a fan of this author for a long time and have been looking
forward to reading her newest. It's definitely one not to miss! Check out my full review below...

Lake Season
(Bluebell Inn Romance #1)
By Denise Hunter
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 352 Pages
November 12th 2019 by Thomas Nelson


A lost letter, a new love, and old secrets beckon this summer at the Bluebell Inn.

When their parents die in a tragic accident, Molly Bennett and her siblings pull together to fulfill their parents’ dream: turning their historic Bluebell, North Carolina home back into an inn. The situation would just be temporary—three years at the most—then they would sell the inn and Molly could get back to chasing her own dreams.

Adam Bradford (aka bestselling author Nathanial Grey) is a reclusive novelist with a bad case of writer’s block. Desperate for inspiration as his deadline approaches, he travels to the setting of his next book, a North Carolina lake town. There he immediately meets his muse, a young innkeeper who fancies herself in love with his alter ego.

Molly and Adam strike up an instant friendship. When Molly finds a long-lost letter in the walls of her inn she embarks on a mission with Adam to find the star-crossed lovers and bring them the closure they deserve. But Adam has secrets of his own. Past and present collide as truths are revealed, and Molly and Adam will have to decide if love is worth trusting.

You can read a premium excerpt of Denise’s Lake Season here.

(Affiliate links included.)

My Review

LAKE SEASON is one of those stories that is a delight to read! It has wonderful characters who will pull on readers' emotions, and a small-town setting full of family and friendships. Fans of inspirational romance and the genre should definitely not miss this one!

I pretty much could not stop smiling through most of this story. I just loved every minute! I loved getting to know these characters and seeing the romance blossom. I literally laughed out loud at moments and wanted to cry at others. It's a story with all the feels about a place and family that I can't wait to come back to next year with the next book! I also liked that the inspirational element wasn't preachy or overly strong, but felt naturally part of these characters' lives. This makes a good read for general romance and women's fiction readers as well.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I thoroughly enjoyed this story! Delightful characters, a charming setting, some heartbreak, a bit of a mystery, and a sweet romance made for the perfect read. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series!

Content: References to a unwed pregnancy, but clean.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through Celebrate Lit, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

Denise Hunter is the internationally published bestselling author of more than 25 books, including A December Bride and The Convenient Groom, which have been adapted into original Hallmark Channel movies. She has won The Holt Medallion Award, The Reader’s Choice Award, The Carol Award, The Foreword Book of the Year Award, and is a RITA finalist. When Denise isn’t orchestrating love lives on the written page, she enjoys traveling with her family, drinking green tea, and playing drums. Denise makes her home in Indiana where she and her husband are rapidly approaching an empty nest.

Tour Schedule

The Power of Words, November 12
Mia Reads, November 13
Back Porch Reads, November 13
Carla Loves To Read, November 14
All-of-a-kind Mom, November 14
Among the Reads, November 14
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Avid Reader Nurse, November 17
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Andrea Christenson, November 22
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Inklings and notions, November 24
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Remembrancy, November 25

Have you read this one yet? Will you be?

The Cowboy's Christmas Baby by Cathy McDavid (Tour Grand Finale & #Giveaway) #CCBPrism

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you'll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch - Note from the Author


Hopefully, I can help you get your jingle on 🙂 Come join me on my blog tour for THE COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS BABY, book three in my series, The Sweetheart Ranch. . . . I promise you, my blog tour will be tons of fun. Besides sharing not only excerpts from the books, there’ll also be some fun holiday trivia and a giveaway at the end for one lucky winner. So, grab your tinsel and let’s get started!


Remembrancy - Review

"The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby proves that relationships are difficult, and that compromise is necessary to sustain said relationship. . . . in the end, she realizes what’s most important to her and her own culpability in the situation.

Plus, there’s this big, handsome ex-bull rider whose four-month-old daughter has him wrapped around her teeny tiny fingers, and that is worth picking up this book to read about."

Hallie Reads - Review

"Complicated and sweet, The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby is a contemporary romance perfect for this time of year. If you’re in need of a fun Christmas story, grab a copy of this book (especially if you’ve enjoyed other Sweetheart Ranch books)!"

Hearing a noise, she glanced over to see a man half hidden by the shadows and pushing a wheelbarrow into the horse barn from the opposite end of the aisle. She didn’t pay much attention, not until he drew closer.

She sensed more than saw him come to a stop, and she slowly turned to face him. The hairs on the back of her neck inexplicably rose.

Whatever words she’d been about to utter lodged in her throat as the man emerged from the shadows and his features took shape beneath the weathered cowboy hat he wore. A wild rush of shock and then alarm coursed through Jewel, and she involuntarily tightened her grip on Ava.

She couldn’t have been more stunned if she’d seen a ghost. Then again, she supposed she had, for Tanner Bridwell stood before her.

"My goodness!!! I have enjoyed this Sweetheart Ranch series a lot, but the author absolutely knocked one out of the park with this newest story! I love second chance romances and this one was especially wonderful. . . . This book was a joy to read from start to finish, and I recommend it even to those who have not read the first two books in the series. It can be read as a stand alone novel."

"The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby by Cathy McDavid is an enjoyable romance for any time of the year, but especially during the Christmas season. Those who have read the previous two books in this series will enjoy returning to Arizona’s Sweetheart Ranch, but this story easily stands alone."

"I enjoyed this book. . . . I recommend reading this book. It is book three of a series but is a stand-alone. I love reading stories based on a ranch. I never lived on one but just fun to read about them."

"This was my first visit to Sweetheart Ranch and I enjoyed the setting and family. The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby steps out of the main ranch family and expands to include Jewel and her daughter. Unbeknownst to her, her ex-fiance, Tanner, has been hiding out on the neighboring ranch, which creates tension right from the start. . . It made me smile the way Tanner stepped right into daddy role, even though Jewel was hesitant, he didn’t let her push him away from his daughter."

"The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby is a very cute book, and it’s a perfect read for the holidays. . . . If you haven’t read the others, no worries! You can absolutely read this as a stand alone. . . . I think you’ll love Tanner and Jewel’s story. Read it this Christmas!"

Pause for Tales - Review

"This was a sweet second chance romance with a solid history behind these two. I did like watching them fall in love again. This was a nice little holiday read."

"This is a poignant story of love, betrayal, judgement, redemption, family values, and integrity. It steadily moves along, keeping the reader captivated. Although the story is somewhat predictable, there are enough twists to make it emotionally touching and interesting."

"I felt McBride wrote a dearly realistic story-line which has a lot of hidden layers - she pulls apart her character's emotional states by placing you centre-fold into their lives. . . . You get to re-visit with beloved characters, re-settle into the time-line of Sweetheart Ranch and find new characters you're drawn into reading about due to their aspirations and the stories they have to share with us all."

JEWEL’S FACE HAD always been easy to read, the subtle nuances clearly telegraphing her every emotion. There was hardly a time Tanner had been unaware of her thoughts, especially when it came to her feelings for him.

Today was no different. Except trepidation had replaced the love he’d once seen.

He’d reconciled himself to Jewel no longer being a part of his life. Spotting her standing at the end of the barn aisle, a baby in her arms, he’d sworn his imagination was playing tricks on him. As he’d approached, he’d realized it wasn’t his imagination, and the wall enclosing his heart had split wide open to release a flood of emotions. Surprise. Shock. Confusion. Joy. Hurt. Even anger. How dare she have a baby, their baby, and not tell him! Regardless of what had passed between them, he deserved to know. He had a right to know.

"Cathy McDavid has absolutely done it again! She has created a wonderful, heart warming novel that is perfect for the Christmas romance lovers! She creates fantastic plot lines, throws in yummy cowboys, and beautiful women and lots of surprises along the way. . . . This book had me up late into the night turning page after page. This is an unforgettable, heart warming holiday read and has me wanting to put up my tree now. Run, don’t walk, and grab this one up!"

EmpowerMoms - Review

"I liked reading about the ranch, barrel racing and the horses. The setting of the book was beautiful and I especially loved that it centered around the holidays. I really enjoyed it!"

Becky on Books - Review

"Tanner and Jewel’s story has it all–an adorable baby, the holiday season, a second chance at romance . . . . Ms McDavid kept this reader turning the pages, desperately hoping that the two of them would be able to get back together, but worrying that they wouldn’t actually be able to resolve the issues–most of which didn’t only involve or were even up to just them–in order to get to a satisfying HEA. Fortunately, they managed to pull it off, and I put the book down with a huge smile on my face."

Splashes of Joy - Review

"Another sweet heartwarming story from author Cathy McDavid. Both characters were right at home around a barn with the horses, bull riding, barrel racing lessons. . . . And as the story unfolds, it did well to keep my interest. There was enough going on in the story till the very end too keep me reading. . . . If you are looking for a nice, clean Christmas read, this is one you will enjoy."

"I love the Sweetheart Ranch series. I always get lost in these books. It gives all the feels I'm looking for. . . . I also liked catching up with previous characters in the series. I love seeing them enjoying their HEAs. Plus how can you pass up a cover like the one for this book. That hooks you in all on is own."

"I love a good clean read like these little books!! They leave your heart feeling full long after you are finished with them. . . . I really enjoyed this story and the way the way this author writes will surely have you hanging onto the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens to our two lovebirds? Who knows! I encourage you to pick up this book and read it. It will set your heart to racing against time. I just loved it!!"

"This emotional journey of forgiveness will catch your attention quickly! With the third book in her The Sweetheart Ranch series, Cathy McDavid brings us THE COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS BABY … a reunion story between two former rodeo contenders. . . . I recommend this book to anyone loving a sweet romance filled with emotional strife and secrets to uncover. Really enjoyed their story!"

"I highly recommend The Cowboy's Christmas Baby for readers who love to read cowboy romance. I am giving it five plus stars. I believe this one should not be missed and definitely a must read."

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The Cowboy's Christmas Baby
(The Sweetheart Ranch #3)
By Cathy McDavid
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 Pages
November 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

She gifted him with a daughter

He stunned her with the truth

When Tanner Bridwell discovers he’s a father, he gains some much needed hope. A year ago, Tanner lost his livelihood as a champion bull rider, and—more important—Jewel Saunders, the love of his life. Now this cowboy wants to do right by his family. But first he must reveal a stunning secret that will send Jewel and his beloved daughter either packing…or into his arms forever!

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About the Author

As a sophomore in high school, NY TimesUSA Today, and Amazon bestselling author Cathy McDavid won a local writing competition with her self-illustrated children’s book. Who knew that small triumph would eventually lead to a career writing contemporary romances with over 1.3 million books sold? With forty-seven titles to date, Cathy is also a member of the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll. This “almost” Arizona native and mother of grown twins recently married her own real-life sweetheart. After leaving the corporate world four years ago, she now spends her days penning stories about good looking men who ride the range or fight fires or hunt creatures all while sweeping the girl off her feet. It’s a tough job but she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

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