Book Blitz: Sworn to Conflict

 SWORN TO CONFLICT, the third book in Terah Edun’s 
young adult fantasy COURTLIGHT series, will be released this December 6! 

Not familiar with the series? Check all three books in here and get a chance to win awesome prizes!

Sworn to Conflict (Courtlight #3)Sworn to Conflict
(Courtlight #3)
by Terah Edun
YA Fantasy
December 6, 2013              

Ciardis Weathervane fought for the living dead and won. But worse than taking on a mass murderer, was her discovery that she had been deceived by her friends. Now she needs to not only fight a war in the North and survive, but also decide where she stands in the midst of competing sides.

A threat to all she holds dear lies in the North and her heart is not the only thing she might lose. A massive army awaits in the mountain pass, surging closer to the gates of the southern lands. Nothing the Algardis army has done so far has dissuaded their march forward and Ciardis finds out that her powers to enhance are needed now more than ever.

As she faces her greatest fears on the battlefields and her heart is torn between her love of Sebastian and loyalty to her family, Ciardis must choose her fate carefully. For in her path, lies the destiny of the empire.
This third novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Transfer.

For those new with the series (you can catch up now!), here are the blurbs for the first two books:

Sworn to Raise (Courtlight #1)Sworn to Raise
(Courtlight #1)
bTerah Edun
YA Fantasy
April 10, 2013              

Seventeen-year-old Ciardis has grown up in poverty, a cleaner in a small vale on the outskirts of the empire. But beneath her empire’s seemingly idyllic surface lies a hidden secret. Whispers of an inept crown Prince are growing ever louder—intensified by the five year anniversary of the soulbond initiations.

Amidst scandalous whispers, Ciardis finds herself chosen to train for the Companion’s Guild. She leaves her home and sets off on a personal journey to become a Court Companion. A position she’d never thought possible for a lowly servant to obtain, she must prove that she has the skills to attract a Patron.

But she must master those skills quickly. If the legends are true, only Ciardis can harness the power to raise a Prince in an Imperial Court sworn to bring him down.

This sensational series debut melds intricate storylines with remarkable characters and unforgettable magic. Sworn To Raise is ideal for fans of Kristin Cashore, Michelle Sagara, and Maria Snyder.

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Sworn To Transfer (Courtlight #2)Sworn to Transfer
(Courtlight #2)
by Terah Edun
YA Fantasy
September 17, 2013              

Eighteen-year-old companion trainee Ciardis Weathervane has won the friendship of the royal heir and saved his claim to the throne. Yet her interference in the inheritance rights leaves more harm done than good. The Ameles Forest lies unprotected and its inhabitants are dying.

As humans begin to die in gruesome deaths, the Emperor dispatches the royal heir to the forests with the solution to the kith concerns.

With enemies closing ranks in Sandrin, Ciardis can little afford to leave the city’s nest of vipers to take on a new task. But she’s given no choice when her loyalty to the crown and courts are called into question.
To keep the Companions’ Guild happy and the favor of the Imperial Court, Ciardis will be tested in frightening new ways, especially when she’s faced with an obstacle that could risk the lives of her friends and the family she never thought she had.

This second novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Raise.

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About the Author

Terah Edun is a young adult fantasy writer born and raised in the Atlanta metropolitan area, who transplanted to the Northeast region for college, and has spent years living abroad in South Sudan and Morocco. She writes the stories that she always loved to read as a young girl.

She prefers tales of adventure, magic, fellowship and courtship – in other words high fantasy. But she’s not adverse to the occasional contemporary fantasy coming her way. Sometimes you’ll see cloaks, daggers, independent and strong girls, independent and strong guys, sweet and soft spoken girls, sweet and soft spoken guys, sparkly magic and irritatingly know-it-all boys. The book she’s currently working on is SWORN TO SECRECY, the fourth in the Courtlight series.

Outside of writing, she’s a international development professional with a penchant for Starbucks.


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Blog Tour: Christmas from Heaven & Ornament Set

Christmas from Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin CandybomberChristmas from Heaven:
The True Story of the Berlin Candy Bomber
by Tom Brokaw, Robert T Barrett (Illustrations)
October 15th 2013 by Shadow Mountain


Christmas from Heaven is the story of the humble beginnings of what became a beacon of hope to a war-torn land, the story of Gail Halvorsen, a young pilot in the US Army Air Corps who was assigned as a cargo pilot to the Berlin Airlift, in which US forces flew much-needed supplies into a Soviet-blockaded Berlin.

As he performed his duties, Lt. Halvorsen began to notice the German children gathered by the fences of Tempelhof Air Base. Knowing that they had very little, he one day offered them some chewing gum. From that small act, an idea sprang: He would "bomb" Berlin with candy. Fashioning small parachutes, he and his crew sent them floating down as they approached the Berlin airport, wiggling the wings of their C-54 as a signal to the children that their anticipated cargo would soon arrive.

Lt. Halvorsen became known by hundreds, if not thousands, of children in Berlin as "Uncle Wiggly Wings" or "The Candy Bomber." Word soon spread, and donations of candy and other supplies poured in from sympathetic Americans. Lt. Halvorsen's small idea became a great symbol of hope not only to German children in a bombed-out city but to all those who yearned for freedom.

Famed broadcast journalist and author Tom Brokaw brings this remarkable true story to life in a stunning live performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, captured on the accompanying DVD. Also included in the book is a template and directions for creating your own “Candy Bomber” parachutes.


About the Author & Illustrator

Tom Brokaw is one of the giants of television journalism. Anchor and managing editor of NBCNightly News from 1982 to 2004, he also holds the honor of being the only person to host each ofNBC News’s major news programs: The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and Meet the Press. He has won several awards, including a Peabody Award and seven Emmys. He is the author of The Greatest Generation and The Greatest Generation Speaks, among other books. He and his wife, Meredith, have three daughters and five grandchildren.

Robert T. Barrett is a professor of illustration at Brigham Young University, received a bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees in painting and completed postgraduate work in Germany. An accomplished painter, muralist, and illustrator, his work has been featured in many national magazines and in art exhibits across the country and in Germany. He and his wife, Vicki, have ten children and one grandchild and reside in Provo, Utah.

Biblical Names of Christ Ornament Set



Create a Christ-focused holiday tradition as you review the sacred names of the Savior. Display these antique pewter-finish ornaments on the tree, as gift tags, or adorning a wreath on the front door. A scripture reference accompanies each ornament, perfect for a "Twelve Days of Christmas" countdown. 12-piece set.

List Price $19.95

My Reviews

I'm always looking for opportunities to teach my children and to share special moments with them. Reading Christmas from Heaven gave me that opportunity and provided that type of moment for our family.

My kids don't really know much, if anything at all, about WWII. They're not really at the age when we would read books about it and they haven't faced anything like the people did during that time in their lives. I feel like we aren't nearly as grateful as we should be for the things we have. I also think we could do so much better in reaching out to those around us, sharing and serving them. This book and the accompanying video allowed an opening to discuss the war and the state of the people with my children. It was also a great reminder as the Christmas season starts that Christmas is so much more than just receiving gifts. I'm hoping they have a little better of an appreciate for what they have now and that they also think about giving to others as they can.

I have to share that my children especially loved the parachute instructions that show how to make a candy bomb! This was also one of their favorite parts of the video - seeing the audience get bombed with candy parachutes.

I definitely recommend the book, especially at this time of year. I'm planning on giving some as gifts myself.

I also received the above ornaments, Biblical Names of Christ Ornament Set, to review. I was worried a little when I read that they were pewter ornaments as I was afraid they would be super heavy. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are actually quite light. I really love the look and that each one has a different name for Christ. It definitely would be a great gift to use for doing the twelve days of Christmas for someone - where you could give an ornament each day.

Overall, I loved both the book and the ornaments and highly recommend them!

Source: Publisher, which did not affect my review in any way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all are having a fabulous Thanksgiving! I have so much to be grateful for. My family (wonderful husband and four kids), healthy life, great extended family, a husband who is enjoying his career and has a good job, a great church family, and so much more.

I thought today would be a good day to list some things I'm grateful for, book-style, as well. I know a lot of you participated in Top Ten Tuesday and already did this, but I decided to wait and do mine today.

I'm grateful for:
  1. My blog, which allows me to share something I love with lots of people.
  2. The blogging community - I've met some fabulous new friends!
  3. All the wonderful ARCs. I love them all and I will read every single one. :)
  4. Good publishers that are great to work with on tours.
  5. Other tour hosts that I have loved touring with.
  6. Laura from Colorimetry/Prism Book Tours. She is just awesome and I am really loving working with her!
  7. Julianne Donaldson - who didn't give up last year after being rejected by every agent she tried until her book was finally accepted by her publisher!!! Now she has published two and they both are all-time favorites of mine!
  8. Getting to be super creative and challenge myself with coding, graphics, and writing. I have learned so much!
  9. All the authors that I have gotten to chat with through email and at book signings.
  10. The books that I would never have read had I not seen someone recommend it or received it as an ARC.
  11. Debut authors. Really. There have been some great ones. I'm looking forward to next month when I'll look back at the ones I've read and get to tell you my favorites for this year.
What are you grateful for, bookish or otherwise?

Waiting on Wednesday:The Caller and A Breath of Frost

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

There are so many books I can't wait to read!!! I actually just scheduled a ton of WOW's. There will probably be quite a few that others have already featured, but I still want to share all these great up-and-coming books with you!

Here are two books I can't wait to read, in completely different genres, that are both being released in January:

The Caller (Shadowfell, #3)The Caller
(Shadowfell #3)
by Juliet Marillier
January 1st 2014 by Pan Australia

Goodreads summary:
Neryn has made a long journey to perfect her skills as a Caller. She has learned the wisdom of water and of earth; she has journeyed to the remote isles of the west and the forbidding mountains of the north. Now, Neryn must travel in Alban's freezing winter to seek the mysterious White Lady, Guardian of Air. For only when Neryn has been trained by all four Guardians will she be ready to play her role in toppling the tyrannical King Keldec.

But the White Lady is not what she seems. Trapped with Whisper, her fey protector, Neryn is unable to send word to her beloved Flint, who is in danger of being exposed as a double agent. When a new threat looms and the rebellion is in jeopardy, Neryn must enter Keldec's court, where one false move could see her culled. She must stand up against forces more powerful than any she has confronted before, and face losses that could break her heart.

The Caller is the thrilling conclusion to the Shadowfell trilogy.

Pre-order from:

A Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Legacy, #1)A Breath of Frost
(The Lovegrove Legacy #1)
by Alyxandra Harvey
YA Paranormal
January 7th 2014 by Walker Childrens

Goodreads summary:

In 1814, three cousins-Gretchen, Emma, and Penelope-discover their unknown family lineage of witchcraft. Beyond the familiar manicured gardens and ballrooms of Regency London, a dangerous, alluring new underworld visible only to those with power is now open to the cousins. 

But unbeknownst to them, by claiming their power, the three cousins have inadvertently opened the gates to the Underworld.

Now the dead, ghouls, hellhounds-and the most terrifying of all: the spirits of dark witches known as the Greymalkin Sisters-are hunting and killing young debutante witches for their powers.

And, somehow, Emma is connected to the murders...because she keeps finding the bodies.
Can the cousins unravel the clues and mystery behind their heritage and power before their gifts are stripped away ...or even worse, another witch is killed?

Pre-order from:

Are either of these on your can't-wait-for list too? What are you waiting on?

Disclosure: This post contains a link to an affiliate program. If you make a purchase of any type using this link, I receive a small kickback.

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Shifting Fate

Shifting Fate
(Descendants #2)
by Melissa Wright
YA Paranormal Romance

According to prophecy, Brianna Drake was born to save the world. The trouble is, she doesn't have the slightest idea how. Her visions should have given her the answer, but they’re beginning to shift, making the danger too unpredictable, even for a prophet.

If she can just help her sister restore their hidden powers, she might be able to stop what’s coming. But an old enemy returns, and he’s got plans for Brianna and her visions.

What neither of them knows is that fate has given a stranger one chance to find her. He was trained to protect the chosen—but if he fails, the future will crumble.

Shifting Fate is the second book in the Descendants Series (following Bound by Prophecy) and focuses on Brianna and Logan. There is a teaser posted here and the first chapter will be released soon, but beware, it's full of spoilers from the first book.

If you've not read Bound by Prophecy yet, you can pick that up at a special price through the end of the year at your favorite ebook vendor: Amazon - iTunes - Barnes & Noble

Cover Reveal

Cover art by Gene Mollica: Website - Facebook

About the Author

Melissa Wright is the author of the Frey Saga and the upcoming Descendants series. Melissa spends her time working on novels, but when not writing she can be found on goodreads and pinterest.

You can find Melissa here:

Kindle Fire Giveaway
Melissa is running this fabulous giveaway right now!!! Here are all the details:

One winner will receive a Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet (8GB) or Amazon gift email/PayPal payment for approximate retail value. Other prizes include a $15 Amazon gift card and a $5 Amazon gift card. The contest is open internationally, provided you are able to receive and use your prize or gift email.

Runs now through December 18th.

Find out more details about the Kindle Fire HD here:

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Blog Tour: One Sweet Cupcake


I saw this cookbook come up for tour from Cedar Fort and just had to sign up! 
Don't those cupcakes look so yummy!!! 

Courtesy of the gals from (reviewed One Sweet Slice, a local bakery in South Jordan, Utah)

I somehow have become the dessert lady for family's gatherings and I am always looking for fun and yummy new recipes, especially cupcakes which are so easy to serve. I even have two of those cupcake carriers so that I can transport them when we get together for family birthdays and such.

Courtesy of Summer Scraps

I have decided that I need a cupcake shop closer to my house after looking at these cupcakes too long. There's one about 30 minutes away, but that is really too far to go on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to trying out all the recipes in One Sweet Cupcake!

One Sweet Cupcake: Professional Decorating and Recipe Secrets Made EasyOne Sweet Cupcake
by Janell Brown
October 8th 2013 by Cedar Fort


Winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars, Janell Brown, gives expert advice on all aspects of cupcake baking, including ingredients, techniques, and equipment. You'll also learn the basics of cupcake decorating, along with ideas for themes, seasons, and holidays. Discover all these sweet secrets for making your cupcakes look professional and taste great.


About the Author

Janell Brown began decorating cakes and cupcakes as a hobby. This natural talent was contained until she made the decision to open her first storefront. She has seen nonstop growth ever since. Winning the national TV program ‘Cupcake Wars’ has increased her brand awareness throughout Utah and the United States. She has also won multiple awards, including BEST Cupcakes and BEST Wedding Cakes in Salt Lake County.


One ebook copy of One Sweet Cupcake (US and INT as long as you can access a Kindle, Nook, or PDF copy).

All my usual requirements apply. Please use the rafflecopter below. Ends 11/29/13.

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Blog Tour: The Scholar


The Scholar (The Fall Series, #2)The Scholar
(The Fall Series #2)
by May Nicole Abbey
Adult, SciFi, Clean Romance
Paperback276 Pages
July 7th 2013 by River Valley Publishing       


A leap through time. A choice to make. A destiny to change.
Dismissed by her professors, ridiculed by her classmates, Serena Metcalfe is determined to prove the existence of the Samu Aqaru, the powerful stone of the ancient pharaohs – even if it means travelling through time. But her study of Egyptology did not prepare her for the dangers and passions of the real Egypt of 2361 BC. Crocodile attacks, kidnapping, betrayal, murder…and a pharaoh who believes she is a goddess and wants her as his queen. But Serena isn’t about to give herself to a king – not when finding the precious Stone could mean saving the man she loves.

Irresistible playboy Shepseskaf, fated for an early death, and his loyal yet ruthless cousin Pepisenkaura were once the closest of friends, but the right to the throne of Egypt and their rivalry for Serena threaten to transform them into bitter and eternal enemies. Only Serena knows the tragic destiny that awaits, and only Serena can rewrite history…by following her heart.

My Review

It seems that there have been quite a few time-traveling novels out this year. I like that the blurb for The Scholar doesn't place a lot of focus on the time-traveling part of the story, but more on the fact that Serena ends up in the past, which she does for basically the whole story. 

I really enjoyed the story's setting, which was in Ancient Egypt. Serena did adapt easier than I would think, but she also had done some serious research on the time and was somewhat fluent in at least one of their dead languages. The authors definitely did some research on the customs and daily life in Ancient Egypt as it came across in the story.

I did feel a little like I was just pushed into the story at the beginning. The blurb has more background on Serena and where she begins her story than the actual book. I felt like I could have used a little more of an initial story or more along the way than I was given. I just had to mostly piece things together, such as figuring out how Serena got injured. Having said that, the writing was fairly well done and edited. After the story got going I was pretty much pulled in and wanted to figure out what was going to happen, which guy Serena would fall for (yes, this means there is a little bit of a love triangle), from which side the next threat would come, and what Serena herself would choose to do.

I would recommend The Scholar if you enjoy reading fairly clean Romance with a time-travel twist, some action, and some sweet moments.

Content: Clean (I would consider this clean for the Adult genre, but there is some innuendo, violence, and suggestive rape.)

Source: From tour host, which did not affect my review in any way.

About the Authors

PicturePictureCaroline Gregory and Shawnette Nielson are sisters on a mission. Their goal is to write clean, adventuresome romance stories, full of lovely characters, personal growth, truth, and hope. Although they live nearly a thousand miles from each other, and are both busy with the daily needs of their respective families, they carve out time each night to put fingers to keyboard and write.  Their goal? Twenty completed books. Set all over the world and throughout time, they thrill at the freedom that writing time travel offers them. From Georgian society, to Ancient Egypt, and plans for a western, contemporary, and even a book set in ancient Greece, the possibilities are limitless.

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