Weekly Update #346, December already...

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This year is just going too fast! This last week was a mix of taking time out to relax and spend time with my family, working like crazy on book tours, and taking care a sick child. My youngest has been dealing with a cold for over two weeks with a cough that will not go away and began getting fevers on Wednesday and then her fever got up to 103 degrees today, so I've had to keep on top of her meds and keeping her hydrated. Thank goodness she likes Gatorade. Let me tell you, I do NOT like 103 degree temperatures!!! I did get to see Sarah M. Eden on Friday and have her sign all my books not already signed. She is such a wonderful person besides being a favorite author. We also went to see Frozen II, which we all really enjoyed. 

This next week the kids are back in school and I resume my part-time school aide job. I'm not really looking forward to it because honestly, we're just ready to be off for winter break. I'm still behind on my reading, but at least I am enjoying what I'm reading.

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