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The Cracking of Monday Egg
By B.T. Higgins
Children's Book, Christian
Paperback & ebook, 206 Pages
October 31st 2019 by Emerald House Group, Inc


An Egg World Allegory

The Maker created Monday Egg for a very important reason. Monday just doesn’t understand it yet. Being an egg with arms and legs has its advantages. Monday can run like the wind and climb trees easily, but he is an egg. What happens when he cracks?

The Cracking of Monday Egg is the story of a cranky crow, a sick little girl, a kind squirrel, and Monday’s struggle to deal with his own crackability.

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Five massive fingers slid around Monday Egg and gripped him like raptor claws. Monday felt the pressure jolt through his shell, the pressing to the point of crushing. Then, he awoke fully and felt the tsunami of panic, which hit him like a wave moving inside to out.

“What is this?” he screamed.

Then the pain of the crushing ate the words from his mouth. He was flying through the air. Massive rises and drops. Dizziness overcame him.

He could not see anything. A weight was over his eyes and mouth, but many sharper points burned along his back. The only sense left untouched by the attack was his ears.

He heard laughing. The gentle laugh of a child, a girl.

“Daddy!” she shouted, her voice full of excitement and wonder. “Daddy, I found one. I got an egg.”

Then more giggling. He felt his body rocket into the air and then jolt left, right, left. Sharp blades of agony cut through his shell and radiated down his right leg.

Then came a series of violent jerks and distant thuds. “I got one of our eggs, Daddy. I want to show you.”

“Mary, honey,” said the Daddy, “all of our eggs are in the barns.”

The girl stopped and shook Monday Egg.

“No, they aren’t,” said the girl. “I got one.”

“Mary, if you found an egg over there, it is a wild egg. It isn’t a chicken egg. Put it back and come here. I’ll show you our eggs. Come quick.”

For the first time, the girl loosened her death grip on Monday Egg. Her hand opened slowly, and Monday Egg was looking into the bright green eyes of human girl. She was young, maybe six years old. Monday could not move even as the pain began to subside. He lay in her palm, unsure if he was cracked or just nearly so.

He looked into those green eyes and they looked like emeralds as the morning sun lit them from the side. The girl studied Monday Egg. Then a look of confusion came. She saw his arms and legs. The girl looked into his eyes and saw his intelligence. She turned her head toward her daddy, “This isn’t one of our eggs, Daddy. This one has arms and legs!”

About the Author

B.T. Higgins lives in the wild urban jungles of Alaska with his wife and four children. As you might expect, he is an avid fan of long naps and noise-canceling headphones. He has been a garbageman, a propane technician, a teacher, a tutor, a musician and an exotic-bird-cage scrubber, but writing stories is, by far, his favorite job.

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