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The Love Playbook
By Suze Winegardner
YA Contemporary
Paperback & ebook, 280 Pages
November 4th 2019 by Entangled: Crush


When Avery Stone learns her dad will be fired if his high school team doesn’t make the playoffs, she has to get her head out of her day planner and do something—anything—to help him win. Even if it means secretly coaching the team’s newest player, who seems to have more game than skill.

Lucas Black just transferred to Hillside with a fake name and a big secret. The MVP of every team he’d played on since he was seven—not to mention the MVP of every post-game party—he can’t understand why since arriving at Hillside, he’s been unable to catch a single. Freaking. Ball.

Until…Avery. Amazing, kind, generous, and crazy-freaking-hot Avery.

As Lucas goes from zero back to hero and Avery struggles with just what Lucas means to her, she inadvertently sets them on a collision course with Lucas’s secret…a secret that could take down not only Lucas but her father too.

DISCLAIMER: This Entangled Teen Crush contains a football player hotter than the Texas sun, hotel cuddles, and a steamy makeout session in the rain.

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Guest Post: A Deleted Scene

This scene was from an earlier incarnation of The Love Playbook, when Avery was hoping Lucas would teach her how to get her boyfriend, Blaine, back. The boyfriend who thought she was too “vanilla” for him. Avery and Lucas are sitting on the football field, the day after Lucas got badly fouled and injured in his first game with the Hillside Hammers.

He inched closer to her. “What do you know about chemistry?” he said in a deliberately low voice.
She snapped out of her thoughts. “A lot.”
What? He smiled and inched closer still. “Tell me what you know about chemistry then.” Hoy boy, he was going to get to kiss her again. She looked puzzled though, so who knew.
“Reactions, chemical equilibrium…” she said, giving him a straight sexy stare. J----. That was hot. He was about to ask her a question about her reaction to Blaine, versus her reaction to him, when she continued.
He suddenly had a sliver of a thought that they may be talking about different things.
“Kinetic theory, Atomic theory, thermochemistry. I could go on. I’m in AP chem.”
He rolled onto his back and laughed. And then laughed louder. G--, he had thought he was on the verge of totally making out with her.
“What’s so funny?” she asked with a frown.
He laughed again, wondering how to explain it to her. “I wasn’t talking about that kind of chemistry. Not the kind you can get graded on anyway.
A look of understanding washed over her, and she hid her face in her hands. Then she laughed. And for a second he was lost. The sun blazed over her shoulder and her face blurred into the light. She looked like a freaking angel. An angel with black shining hair and a pierced brow. Her eyebrow ring sent out its own reflected beam of light, and with the shimmer of light moving through her long, heavy hair, she became a living, breathing goddess.
He reached out to run his fingers through her hair. Her face turned slightly, as if to watch his hand as it stroked through her soft strands, and into shadow. That was a metaphor, right? She looked like an angel, but as soon as he touched her she was cast into shadow. His lit teacher would be…well…lit.
Something surged through him at the thought of the light and darkness around her, and he saw her for the first time. His hand threaded through her hair again. She was lightness and darkness. She was funny, and sad, and structured, and loose.
He was shocked to feel his eyes well up. Enough. He blinked his emotion back into his body, and he stroked down, across her shoulder, until his fingertips touched her -----. She looked up at him, but he couldn’t read her expression as the light and shadow played over it as she moved.
“I want to kiss you,” he said, hoping honesty was the best policy there.
“Then kiss me,” she whispered back.
Without another thought crossing his mind, he jumped to his knees in front of her, and held her head with both hands. Her eyes widened for a second, and then fluttered shut. There was a second in which he suddenly understood the vulnerability and trust someone shows by closing their eyes when someone else is so close to them. She trusted him. Weirdly, it turned him on.
He kissed her, softly, to start, holding back, wanting to feel her out. Wanting to feel her. Heat rushed through him like lava. He needed more.
She leaned into him, angling her head so he could kiss her better, harder, whatever. Her tongue pressed against his, and his against hers. Every touch sparked a new fire in him. The thought of Avery’s tongue inside his mouth, was as strong as the actual feel of it. She moaned lightly into his mouth and it was game over. 

About the Author

Suze Winegardner is a British YA writer, currently living overseas with her military husband, and lovely Lab. She loves Buffy, Fray Bentos pies, Archer, cheese, and the serial comma. Wait - Cadbury Flakes too. And naps. Wait, what was the question? Anyway, she thinks her life is chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny...and if you get that reference, she already considers you kin.

Have you read this one? Will you be? What did you think of the deleted scene?

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