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The Sherwood Proof
(The Lily Sparrow Chronicles #3)
By Kristee Ravan
Middle Grade Fantasy, Fairy Tale
Paperback & ebook, 569 Pages
November 23, 2021 by Kristee Ravan


Lily Sparrow has finally created an equation for being a good princess. Things are adding up and making sense, and she’s even growing a measurable amount more excited about her future. But unexpected variables keep being tossed into her equation:

1. Carole Claus is facing her first hurdle as Santa. She needs Lily’s help.
2. Lily’s Half-Birthday--an important Smythian tradition--is coming up, requiring her to find time to prepare for it.
3. Her algebra teacher has an unusual (and stressful plan) for Lily.
4. Lily remains convinced that her mom is hiding something from her.
5. The investigation into the traitor is an on-going source of stress and tension at work for Lily and Calo.
6. Oh, and Calo’s still betrothed to Su’Sauna, making life difficult and confusing all around.

Will Lily be able to place these variables securely in her equation? Will the Sparrow family find a way to convince their critics they are good for the Kingdom? Or will everything fall apart--subtracting all the good will Lily has already earned from her citizens?

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Guest Post:
This or That with Kristee Ravan

Vacation or Staycation?

I think vacation. Our house is not often clean (thank you, three children), so if I had a bunch of time off, I’d probably spend it cleaning the house or decluttering things--not relaxing. Also, one of my favorite things about being on vacation is how easy it is to tidy our room and keep up with our stuff--because we only brought a small amount of things.

Sneakers or dress shoes?

Flip flops. I used to live in the jungle, and flip flops were the easiest thing to wear there. (Mostly because it was so hot!) Since my return, my feet enjoy being free. But in full minimalist disclosure, I only have six pairs of shoes. Three are flip-flops or sandals, two are dressy, and one is sneakers.

English or Math?

That’s a hard choice! When I was in school--until my senior year--I would have said English. Writing, grammar, and literature all come very naturally for me. In my senior year, Pre-Calculus was by far the most challenging math I’d encountered. I had to really study and put more effort into learning it. And I enjoyed that so much! I began to enjoy math for the fun of solving the problem. Now, I enjoy helping my teen with her Algebra, and she gets frustrated when I do too much of the problem. I get carried away because I get a thrill from solving the problem. So since I like math and I’m good at English, it was only natural that I wrote a book about a girl who loves math.

Poem or story?

Story--all the way. I’m just not a poetry person. I try. Every year my kids and I read poetry books and I try to model a good attitude about poetry for them, but, just between us, it’s not my favorite part of the day. I have noticed some things about poetry that I appreciate more than others. I like poetry that rhymes and has a good rhythm. Funny poetry is better than dramatic. The only poetry book that I officially endorse is The Llama Who Had No Pajama by Mary Ann Hoberman. It’s funny and clever and has good rhyme and rhythm.

Calling or texting?

Texting. Almost everything can be said in text, and talking on the phone is awkward!

Eggs or pancakes?

I used to be pancakes only, but I’ve recently discovered chaffles--and they are awesome! I can’t believe it tastes so much like a waffle. (A chaffle is made in a waffle iron from eggs and cheese.)

Messy desk or clean desk?

I like a clean, minimalist look at my desk. My children prefer to paint on, pretend to type on, build LEGO robots on, and leave food on my desk. So everyday there is at least one point when my desk is nice and clean and peaceful. Then the rest of the time it is helping create memories, independence, and skills needed for later in life.

Talking pets or talking babies?

Babies. We adopted our twins when they were two, and it would have been so helpful if they could have talked and told us what they needed instead of us guessing and trying everything we could think of to make the crying stop.

While driving alone: music or podcasts?

Podcasts. I’m usually behind and if I’m alone, I like to catch up and learn something. I also listen to audio books.

Card game or board game?

Either. I’ll play games with anyone who asks me. My daughter and I have been playing Rummy a lot lately. My cousins and I enjoy playing games when we get together. And I recently tried speed gaming, where every five minutes you rotate seats and play the hand of the person who just left that seat. It was a lot of fun. However, jigsaw puzzles over 300 pieces stress me out.

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About the Author

Kristee Ravan lives in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter, and pet fish, Val (short for Valentine). She wanted to be many things as she grew up including a general, an artist, and an architect. But she never bothered to say, "I want to be a writer when I grow up." She was always writing stories and thought of herself as a writer anyway. She sent her first story to a publisher in the sixth grade. (It was rejected - in a nice way.) When she is not making up stories in her head, she enjoys reading, juggling, green smoothies, playing dollhouse with her daughter, and hearing from her fans. You can contact Kristee at the Facebook page for her Lily Sparrow books: The Lily Sparrow Chronicles.

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