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Rocky Mountain Journey
(Sisters of the Rockies #3)
By Misty M. Beller
Christian Historical Romance
Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook & eBook, 272 Pages
 June 18, 2024 by Bethany House Publishers


Masquerading as a man, Faith Collins embarks on a perilous journey through the untamed wilderness of the Rocky Mountains in search of the Peigan Blackfoot woman who once saved her father’s life. She joins a group of trappers who may be able to lead her to the place the woman is hiding, but keeping Faith’s identity a secret proves more difficult than she imagined.

Grant Allen is searching for his younger brother, who was separated from him when their parents died many years ago. After receiving word that his brother went west to the Rockies, he unites with a group of trappers, hoping they can lead him to his brother’s location. Soon Grant realizes there’s a woman hiding among the men, and he’s determined to find out who she is, what she’s hiding, and how he can keep her safe in this country of wild animals and even wilder men.

In this rousing conclusion to her Sisters of the Rockies series, Misty M. Beller embarks on an adventurous journey where loyalty, love, and sacrifice intertwine amid the unforgiving frontier.

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A shiver slid through her, and she glared at Rosie. “I’m beginning to think you don’t care. But I do.” The burn of tears swept in fast. She was going to lose control if she didn’t stop talking. She dropped her voice for the last bit. “I do care. I care about a helpless woman out there alone in the mountains. And I care about Papa. I will accomplish what he asked of us.”

Rosie studied her, brows knit as though she didn’t understand why Faith was so upset. She reached out and touched Faith’s arm, and it took everything within her not to jerk away.

I care, Faithie. We all do. It’s just that we also have to take care of those still with us on this earth. Those who are expecting—” She waved a hand around. “Our family. The ranch. We have responsibilities. Papa would understand that responsibility better than anyone. He would want us to wait for the right time.” Her face softened as her eyes turned distant. “I remember how he used to stay with the horses when they colicked, walking them for hours to help them recover from a twisted gut. He did whatever he had to.”

Pain pressed in Faith’s belly, a twisting that would steal her breath if she let it linger. She had no memory of Papa walking the horses when they colicked. It seemed all the good times had taken place when Faith was too young to remember. She was the baby of the family, so to her Papa had always seemed old—­never young and vibrant—­as far back as she could recall. The stories of his younger days sounded so thrilling.

Rosemary might be right about Papa understanding responsibility, but that only proved Faith’s point all the more. They had a responsibility to find Steps Right and return those beads to her. The necklace had once been an heirloom within her own family, passed down through the generations.

Steps Right had been wearing the string when she discovered their father on the plains, nearly dead. While her sister had gone back to their village to get help, she’d stayed with Papa and nursed him through the night, keeping him alive and awake in the cold by having him tell stories of his wife and daughters. A story for every bead on the necklace.

She’d continued to care for him at her village, then when he recovered enough to rejoin his trapping companion, Steps Right had sent the strand of beads with him as a gift.

And as her papa lay dying, he’d tasked his four daughters—­and her specifically, in that moment between the two of them—­with returning the beads to her so they could be reunited with the Peigan family that had treasured them for generations.

Faith would fulfill that responsibility. Even if she had to do it alone.

Rosemary picked up the basket and turned with a smile. “We’ll find her, Faith. I promise. As soon as we can.” Then she started for the door. “I think Elise and Goes Ahead have arrived. I hear the children outside.”

The family planned to set out tomorrow morning for a short trip to visit nearby villages they’d worked with in the past. Similar to the missionary journeys the apostle Paul had embarked on during Bible days.

How exciting it must be to travel so much. To see more of this vast, breathtaking land

and meet its inhabitants. They’d probably seen a host of waterfalls throughout the mountains. They could have even been to the place where Steps Right lived right now.

An idea slipped into Faith’s mind. What if she went with them tomorrow? They’d said this upcoming journey would be shorter than most, likely only a month, before they circled back to the trading post to restock supplies before a longer trip that would last through the winter.

She could accompany them. They planned to start northward, and White Horse had once mentioned a waterfall he knew in that direction. She could at least check that one. And they might even pass others she could search.

Hope rushed into her spirit, and she spun to gather Bertie and head outside. She would have to be convincing, but hopefully her sisters wouldn’t mind her setting off with trusted friends to help share their faith.

It was time she took control of this search and accomplish what Papa had begged of them. Be the daughter he’d believed her to be. Then maybe the pain of losing him would finally start to heal.

Chapter 1, pages 18-20

From Rocky Mountain Journey © 2024, Misty M. Beller, published by Bethany House

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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Misty M. Beller ( writes romantic mountain stories set on the 1800s frontier and woven through with the truth of God's love. Her Southern roots run deep, and she lives in South Carolina with her husband and children.

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