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Flying in Love
By Chalon Linton
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 200 Pages
June 8, 20202 by Covenant Communications


Paige Hall’s happy ending may just be in sight. She has been dating her boyfriend for months and feels confident their relationship is going in the right direction—until she catches him kissing another woman. Humiliated and hurt, Paige retreats from the dating scene and pledges to never fall hard again as she throws herself into her work as a speech therapist. Her vow is upended in a grocery store parking lot when she is nearly run over by a handsome and very apologetic air force pilot.

Captain Jake Summers is everything a girl could dream of: charming, considerate, and hardworking. Despite Paige’s determination to avoid falling into another relationship, her resolve is no match for the whirlwind romance that ensues. When Jake is not flying, he and Paige are inseparable, and Paige begins to believe in happily ever afters again. But when the couple faces a heartrending loss, they must find strength in each other and in their faith or risk losing a once-in-a-lifetime love.

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My Review

FLYING IN LOVE is a story about learning when to trust your heart, when to forgive, repairing relationships, and trusting in God. Readers will fall in love with these characters as they try to find their happily-ever-after. Definitely recommended to inspirational romance readers.

This story pulls you right in and endears you to Paige, the heroine, when she finds her boyfriend kissing another woman. I also couldn't help loving her roommate and best friend, Mandy, who is a someone any woman would be lucky to be friends with as she offers comfort and steadiness for Paige, but also gives her a few redirects and honesty when Paige needs it. There's Gavin who tries to win Paige back and then Jake who almost literally runs into her. Paige and Jake are also very close to their families who have their own roles to play as their relationship unfolds. I really liked all the different relationships.

This story reminded me so much of all the insecurities and vulnerabilities of dating, especially when what you want to find is love, marriage, and happily-ever-after with someone who makes you better, but also loves you as you are. Paige had a tough time trying to figure out what went wrong with Gavin, if she was ready to open her heart so quickly after her break-up, and if Jake was the one who would be right for her. I could totally relate with that, as I think all of us can at one point or another. I really liked how the romance slowly built and it was very sweet. Jake is definitely easy to swoon over. I loved the references to Top Gun (a movie I grew up watching) as he's a pilot for the Air Force. Some of the slow build was due to Paige's hesitancy as well as Jake's career, but it was also due to them being careful with each other and wanting to do things right. The inspirational element was present, but lightly woven through the story.

I have just a few complaints. One was that the beginning of the story felt a bit rough with the dialogue and interactions with the characters. It seemed to flow better once the story was going a bit more and there was some tension here and there to drive it. There were places that could have used a bit more development as well. The other thing was I wanted a bit more explanation to Jake's reaction at one point and a bit more discussion towards the end in regards to Paige and the changes she would need to make.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This was an enjoyable read that was heartfelt, with great characters, a light inspirational message, and a very sweet romance. I'm looking forward to seeing what this author writes next!

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

Chalon Linton was first introduced to Jane Austen by a dear friend and now she can’t get enough of handsome men in tailcoats. Her intrigue in the genre stems from a nostalgic longing for manners, wit, and true love. Fortunately, Chalon found her dashing gentleman, married him, and now lives happily ever after in Southern California.

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