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What She Concealed
By Jannat Bhat
Adult Contemporary Romance
July 10, 2020


“I missed you.” She said softly, eyes heavy with sleep. “Don’t let go, Julian.”

“Give me a reason, Elly. One reason for holding on.” He said.

She took hold of Julian’s arm and drew him closer. “Us.” She whispered.

Eliana Bennett was about to start her first day as an intern at Imperial Care Hospital. But the beginning of her day wasn’t as good, as an arrogant grey-eyed man provoked her and she couldn’t resist challenging him instead.

Julian Rivera hadn’t expected to meet this feisty dark-haired woman in the middle of his game and when he started working at Imperial Care and found her to be a fellow intern, he just had to prank her.

Julian and Eliana began their acquaintance with screaming matches and mischief which changed after he truly fell in love with her. But Eliana had no plans of pursuing a relationship. She had to work hard and focus on her career to make her father, Dr. Jonathan Bennett, proud. Julian’s appearance in her life complicated things.

After an argument between them topped all others, Julian went AWOL and back to the life he had long left behind. Eliana had a tough time getting to terms with her feelings but once she had, she wouldn’t let Julian go without a fight.

The question remained, will her love bring Julian back or was it too late? The demons he had run away from, had they already coveted him as their own? 

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About the Author

Jannat loves to watch anything from movies to tv shows about myths and legends surrounding romance in a certain perspective. She absolutely adores reading about sexy heroes and sassy heroines.

When she's not writing, she will mostly be found daydreaming and snuggled up with her cat Sasha, whom she loves dearly.

A Love Lost In Translation is her first Wattpad story and inspired by true incidents.

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