A new sweet romance available on Audible... When You Were Mine by Alessa Martel

I like to support sweet and clean books when I can. This one is such a book
from a new-to-me author team that just released on Audible. Learn more below...

When You Were Mine
By Alessa Martel
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 236 Pages
April 23, 2020


High school sweethearts. One night of heartbreak. 

Michael and I used to be inseparable, but a devastating moment during a summer party after high school graduation brought our relationship to a painful stop. I avoided spending winter break from my freshman year in college back in my small town, but summer is closing in, looming like a dark cloud on the horizon. Returning home means facing Michael and the ruins of our relationship, but my fearful heart still aches over the future I always assumed we would share. 

When my younger sister reveals that Michael is rumored to be engaged, I realize that I'm not ready to give him up. He's moved on, with a beautiful fiancĂ©e who seems to make him happy, but can I stand by and ignore the love I still hold in my heart for him? 

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About the Author

Alessa Martel is the pen name of a writing team consisting of a high school sophomore and her mother, a bestselling, award-winning author of young adult and historical romance fiction. They live in Northeast Ohio, where homework and a full-time job keep them busy, so they share story ideas late at night and weekends, usually while eating too many potato chips and catering to their cats.

I just started the audiobook for this one and will be sharing a review soon. Have you read any of this duo's other books?

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