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Silver Moon
(By the Light of the Moon #3)
By Jenny Knipfer
Christian Historical Fiction
Paperback & ebook, 411 Pages
June 30, 2020


A tale of courage and hope in the darkest of times...

Silver Moon, the third book in the series: By the Light of the Moon, paints a stunning and poignant picture of life on the home front in Webaashi Bay, Ontario, and of three men who are a part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI.

Shamed into joining the war, the tide turns for Luis Wilson when he is steered into the depths of espionage. Injured and presumed missing, will he lose his heart to the very woman who presented him with a white feather?

Oshki and Jimmy offer a grim perspective on life in the trenches. They despair of ever returning home to the women who hold their hearts.

Meanwhile, Lily fights for the cause in her own way and rallies the female troops at home as prejudices run high and the local cafe owner is accused of being a spy.

Will the women of Webaashi Bay receive their men back unscathed? Can the power of love win out over insurmountable odds? All this drama and more plays out under the light of a silver moon.
Fans of WWI historical fiction, Christian historical fiction, and literary fiction will find Silver Moon a moving, powerful read!

Praise for the Book

Taking an original angle on a tumultuous time in history, Silver Moon by Jenny Knipfer is a sparkling slice of historical fiction. Ambitiously detailing a diverse collection of characters, this World War I story bounces across space and time, delicately filled with vivid descriptions, nuanced moral dilemmas, and authentic relationships..." --Self-publishing Review

"Silver Moon is a highly recommended read for fans of historical wartime fiction, powerful emotive drama, and excellent atmospheric writing." --Readers' Favorite

"I am stunned by the amount of detail the author gave in this single story. On one hand, we have powerful characters... and on the other, we have a plot that demands all our attention. Jenny Knipfer pulls no punches and holds nothing back." --Readers' Favorite

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Mid-June 1916
Near the Belgium border Lillie, France

“I am happy you are back with us, Lt. Von Wolff,” Hahn the man they called Rooster commented to Luis as he stood in the dugout region of German HQ, well back from the front lines.

Ja. I am happy to be back.” Luis tried to be believable. “I took my chance when I saw it. Those British . . .” Luis seasoned his speech with a few German curses to make it sound real to Rooster.

Ja. It is amazing how you escaped.” Rooster eyed Luis shrewdly.

“Lucky, perhaps, how I escaped. It all happened so fast, and, like I said, I took my chance.”

Rooster nodded. His gaze relaxed a little.

“So, my friend, tell me about things here. General Ostermann has told me details, of course, but it is the men I want to hear from.”

Luis wanted to gain a closer footing with Rooster. He needed an accomplice here in the ranks.

“Oh, you know . . . we seem to be holding the strategic points around. The enemy tries sporadically to wrench us from our post, but so far they’ve been unsuccessful.”

Ja, gut, gut.” Luis looked at his watch. It neared the time for the evening meal. “I feel magnanimous today. A celebration is called for. What say we take a truck into Lille and eat at a real restaurant tonight? My treat, of course, my friend.”

General Ostermann had given Luis a free night to settle in before he spent his first weeks in the trenches again.

Rooster’s beady eyes perked up. “Ja? That is most kind, Lieutenant.”

“Very good. Come, then, we will get a truck.”
Luis left a message for the general, and he and Rooster made their way to a reserve vehicle. Luis found a driver to transport them to town in style.

Once they got to town, Rooster smoothed down his cock’s comb of hair with his hand before he jammed his hat back on. Luis straightened his uniform as he stepped out. One button on his coat had gotten a tad rusty from its burial in the earth waiting for Von Wolff to rise again from the hands of the enemy.

“Come, my friend.” Luis signaled with his arm for Rooster to walk beside him.

As Luis walked, he felt his Luger, thick against his side in its holster. He never moved without the gun now that he was back as Von Wolff. He never knew when the moment might come when the jig would be up.

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About the Author

Jenny lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Ken and their pet Yorkie, Ruby. She is also a mom and loves being a grandma. She enjoys many creative pursuits but finds writing the most fulfilling.

Jenny’s education background stems from psychology, music, and cultural missions. She spent many years as a librarian in a local public library but recently switched to using her skills as a floral designer in a retail flower shop. She is now retired from work due to disability.

She authored and performed a self-published musical CD entitled, Scrapbook of a Closet Poet.

Jenny’s books, Ruby Moon, Blue Moon, and Silver Moon earned five-star reviews from Reader’s Favorite, a book review and award contest company. Their praise: “Ruby Moon is entertaining, fast-paced, and features characters that are real. Blue Moon continues a well-written and highly engaging saga of family ties, betrayals, and heartaches… Silver Moon is a highly recommended read for fans of historical wartime fiction, powerful emotive drama, and excellent atmospheric writing.”

She holds membership in the: Midwest Independent Booksellers Association, Historical Novel Society, Wisconsin Writers Association, Christian Indie Publishing Association, and Independent Book Publishers Association.

Jenny’s favorite place to relax is by the western shore of Lake Superior, where her novel series, By The Light of the Moon, is set. She has self-published the first three books, Ruby Moon, Blue Moon, and Silver Moon, in her four-part series. One more novel to complete the series is planned for 2020. She is currently writing a new historical fiction series called, Sheltering Trees.

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