Weekly Update #399, life is back to normal...

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The holidays were marvelous! I actually haven't done a weekly post since before Christmas (I've only ever missed one week since I joined the meme years ago, so this definitely isn't the norm). We quarantined for a good week beforehand so my parents could come stay with us, which they were able to do. The kids (four of them ages 9, 12, 14 and 16) were so much fun Christmas morning with lots of exclamations of joy. Then we just spent a ton of time together for two weeks enjoying the break and some new things we got. I think because this year has been so weird and I was so busy beforehand that it made me really cherish all the downtime and family time.

I've had a really tough time coming back after my two to three weeks break for the holidays. The kids started back at school, but I got so burned out in November and December from running tours as well as doing a million other things that I've had to force myself to be productive besides just wanting to read and clean the house and play Zelda: Breath of the Wild and other games with the kids. Lol! It's the first time I've been this burned out. Blogging, for the most part, isn't part of that, although I do need to drop some of my engagement groups on Instagram. I've readjusted already a bit this year and I'm hoping that will help. We'll see.

In other business, I've had two of my kids sick the past two weeks, one last week and the other early this week. Just stomachache and headache, but not COVID (at least according to the tests). Otherwise, we are thankfully all healthy now. I've been enjoying what I've been reading and have finally gotten back on a bit of a schedule, so I'm hoping this week will go well. I hope you're all staying safe and healthy!

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