A delightful read... Copper for the Countess by Sally Britton (Review)

Copper for the Countess
(Hearts of Arizona #2)
By Sally Britton
Adult Historical Romance, Western
Paperback & ebook, 363 Pages
October 6, 2021 by Pink Citrus Books


A Victorian countess doesn't belong on a ranch, and a frosty cowboy knows nothing about raising a family. When the two have no choice but to rely on each other, is there any hope for happiness, let alone true love?

Lady Evelyn Lyon lost her husband and her fortune on the same day. Daughter in hand, she makes her way to the copper mines of Arizona, hoping her husband's stock in the Bisbee Copper Queen mine will make it possible for her to raise her little girl. Every man she's known has failed her, and she would far rather be alone than dependent on one. When the stock certificates in her possession prove fraudulent, Evelyn and her little girl are more alone than ever.

Chris Morgan, known as "Frosty" by cowhands and neighbors alike, never expected to have a family. When his cousin back east dies and leaves Chris with two children to raise, Chris has no choice but to change his plans. But raising children and running a ranch at the same time is a tall order. He's at his wit's end when he comes across a British noblewoman who has no business wandering around the desert without protection. When he learns her story, Chris knows they might be the solutions to each other's problems.

A hasty wedding and dusty ride to Chris's ranch starts their marriage of convenience off on a bumpy road. With children to raise and cattle to herd, Evelyn and Chris have no choice but to trust each other. But in the west, trust is hard won, and it's hard to grow anything...especially love.

Copper for the Countess is Book 2 in the Hearts of Arizona Series, but it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone romance.

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My Review

COPPER FOR A COUNTESS is a story about a rough and rugged cowboy and an English lady who decide they can help each other by forming a marriage of convenience. Wonderful characters as well as three sweet children and a slowly-building romance make for a delightful story. A true joy to read!

I really loved these characters, both Evelyn and Chris! The three kids just added more to the dynamic and brought an added weight as well as joy to this story. I liked that the author let Evelyn have a bit of a rough period as she tried to learn and do things she had never before attempted. This brought a touch of genuineness but also humor to the story. I loved the way the women gathered around her as support, becoming dear friends. Chris had an equal amount of difficulty in raising two kids and in courting Evelyn. I also liked that things were a bit awkward and rough at first between Chris and Evelyn. They don't go in knowing each other extremely well and there was a lot they had to figure out. The chemistry between them was very apparent and swoon-worthy. There was a touch of danger that could have been developed more to add more of a climax, but otherwise I had no complaints. I'll be going back to read book one (even though this one can be read on its own) and am planning on reading the third book when it releases.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This was such a delightful story! If you like westerns with relatable characters and sweet romance then I'd definitely recommend checking out this series!

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the author's publicist, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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