Happy Thanskgiving!

I feel like this year is going so fast! We had a bit of a change in plans this year and spent Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and will be traveling to be with family tomorrow. I can't complain about two days of yummy food. Then Saturday we'll be putting up Christmas decorations and watching college football and The Game. If you don't now what that game that is, that's okay. My team isn't part of it, but my husband's is. Go blue!

Here's my Thanksgiving owls that I only get to share once a year:

I am thankful for so much this year. I see blessings in my life on a pretty regular basis these days because my family has been in the thick of things and continues to be. I hope that whatever life is like for you, that you take a moment to find things and people to feel gratitude for.

All my blessings,

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