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The Cowboy Who Came Home
(Second Generation in Three Rivers Romance #1)
By Liz Isaacson
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & eBook, 486 Pages
February 27, 2024 by AEJ Creative Works


He’s been serving in the military for a decade. She’s been quietly grieving a devastating loss. When Finn and Edith reunite in small-town Three Rivers where they grew up together, can their second chance romance provide hope, healing, and the happily-ever-after they both crave?

Finley Ackerman left home ten years ago, determined to figure out who he was and what he wanted his life to be. He’s been serving in the Army, but when the opportunity to get out of intelligence and go home to Three Rivers comes up, Finn jumps at it.

He’s expecting a huge homecoming at Three Rivers Ranch. He’s even expecting the Welcome Home banners draped across Main Street in town. He’s not expecting to run into Edith Baxter literally the moment he gets out of his truck.

Edith is just as surprised to see Finn—decked out in his uniform, no less—as she comes out of her equine therapy appointment at Three Rivers Ranch. But the moment she steps into his arms and welcomes him home, it’s as if choirs of angels start singing.

Perhaps he’s what she needs to finally move past the tragedies life has dealt her. She’s done her best to put her heart back together after the devastating loss of her fiancĂ© a few years ago, and she does that by pouring everything she has into her children’s books and working a small patch of land not far from Finn’s sprawling family operation.

But she’s not whole, and she knows it. He does too, and as Finn and Edith start finding solace in one another, she learns that he carries his own scars. She’s not sure her heart will ever be whole enough to give to another cowboy, and Finn’s not sure exactly what’s next for him or how long he’s actually going to stay in town.

Can Edith and Finn make their second chance into a forever love? Or will life’s paths once again diverge, driving them apart for good?

Return to Three Rivers in this small-town saga romance where the legacy of the past meets the promise of the future. Revisit beloved characters and fall in love with a new generation in the Second Generation in Three Rivers Romance series!

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My Review

THE COWBOY WHO CAME HOME is a story with delightful characters, chemistry from the start, a wonderful small-town setting, lots of family relationships, and two characters who go through their own arcs to come to a place where they have a chance at lasting love. Recommended to Christian romance and sweet romance fans.

I loved Edith and Finn from the start! They are both fabulous characters with lots of depth, heart, their own struggles and dreams, loyal, and hard working. Goodness, they were great! I also loved how you could feel the sparks between these two from the start. It literally jumped off the page. The author also did great with infusing so much meaning in simple looks and few words, which takes a talent all its own. Both of Edith's and Finn's families were also great and unique in their own ways. I loved all the animals, that Edith is an author, that both she and Finn have a couple serious hurdles to cross. I felt their frustration and heartache. Seriously, all the feels in this story! I also loved that this couple didn't get from just meeting again after ten plus years to saying, "I love you." in a few chapters. Their relationship developed over time and felt very organic. There were several inspirational, faith-filled moments in this story as well. I also found them genuine and, in a few parts, powerful.

There were a few things that I enjoyed but felt like they didn't need to be in this story. All the secondary stories with Link, Mitch, Ace, etc. didn't feel pertinent to this one. They tended to pull me away from the main story and felt disruptive instead of feeling naturally inserted. They also made the story quite a bit longer and added a lot more character names to try to keep track of. These stories can be told (and I'm sure will be told) in subsequent books in the series, so they didn't need to be included in this one. This was my only major complaint.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I thoroughly enjoyed this one! From start to finish. Definitely a book to pick up and a series to keep on reading. I'm definitely looking forward to book two!

Content: Clean
Source: I downloaded this in eBook through KindleUnlimited, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Have you read any of this author's books? What draws you the most to this story?

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