Weekly Update #16

Welcome to my Weekly Update where I post my blog's schedule for the week.
You may have noticed a few changes on the blog. I changed my social icons and added to them so that all those different feed/follow boxes weren't taking so much room. I've also been messing with purchase buttons (Amazon, B&N, BD, etc.). I haven't completely decided if I will switch to the new buttons or keep them brand specific as shown in the two posts I linked to.

I begin teaching some children's art classes with my sister in full force this week. It will be this way for the next four weeks, so I may not be as active here on the blog. Although, I've been saying this for the past couple of weeks and it seems like I have just as much if not more going on here regardless. It's worked so far, so hopefully that will continue. I will probably post some pictures later on when we're all done. It's amazing how different children are with expressing themselves through art even when you give them the exact same instructions and materials. The projects turn out great every time. It is so much fun, even though it's work too.
My Monthly Giveaway for June is on! You can win a (once read) hardcover of Also Known As. It was a fun read! I am also a stop in The Best Book Ever Giveaway Hop. I have a bunch of different choices this time around, so hopefully there is something there that everyone would like.

On Wednesday I'm part of the book tour for Bound by Prophecy by Melissa Wright. I'm really excited for this post to go up. This was a great read, you guys!

On Thursday I will be a part of another book tour, one for I, Spy. I was contacted for a review by the author and accepted because it's kind of like an adult Ally Carter. You guys know how I love Ally, so I definitely couldn't pass this up! After we messaged back and forth she decided to add me to her tour, which is great with me. :) I just started reading it Saturday night and so far it has been fabulous! I wanted to finish it last night, but had lots of art prep today. I should be done with it tonight. Love the cover too - it's super fun!

I will be spotlighting another favorite for Friday Favorites. Did you see last week's post about Crown Duel and Court Duel? I love these books!

I will be posting for Stacking the Shelves and In My Mailbox this week as I am getting Siege and Storm and I need to show it off. =D

I will also be posting my reviews for Stealing the Preacher and This Is What Happy Looks Like sometime this week. My expectations weren't completely met when I read these in both good and bad ways. Come find out why.

It is definitely summer here in Arizona. We hit 110 degrees yesterday, which is above the norm. Normally we don't hit that until July. I knew when the weather was so gorgeous all through the spring that I shouldn't have counted on a milder summer. At least the rest of the week is back into the low 100's. What's the temperature where you're at? Any big summer plans?

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