If you love bookish stuff, come check out my new shop on Society6!

I just opened a shop on Society6! Feel free to check it out here!

I've been playing around for a while now and decided it was time. It was a little spontaneous, but I've been in a creative mood. I also have wanted specific colors for throw pillows that are bookish and have had a tough time finding them, so I decided that I could maybe make my own. :)

I'm still figuring it all out, but I'm happy to have a place to share my love of books. I'm hoping to continue adding to my shop over the next few weeks and then I'll do projects off and on.

If you would like something specific in color or a specific quote and haven't found it (like me), feel free to let me know what you're looking for. If it's something I can do, I can customize an order for you or point you to some other shops who may have what you're looking for.

Do you like bookish apparel, art, and/or d├ęcor? Where do you normally go to get what you want?

And to celebrate the opening my shop, I'm giving away an item for my monthly giveaway for February. Go enter the giveaway here!

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