Check out my canvas print from #Photowall! (Review)

The house we live in currently is the first house we've been in longer than two years. In other homes, I didn't completely decorate. I'd put up some of the things we had, but didn't invest in any art because I knew we'd be moving again soon and we had a tight budget, so it just wasn't worth spending a lot when I might not be able to use it in the next place. This continued on through seven moves in ten years. We've been here a while and I finally decided it was time to start decorating and to start investing in pieces I really want.

It's exciting while also being daunting. I'm thrilled to finally have all my spaces decorated, but I also want to pick things that I'll be satisfied with and love looking at every single day. I also don't want to spend money on something I won't end up keeping or using or not like after a while. I've slowly been reworking each space with a few tweaks here and there (and a few more still yet to make).

We had two walls left that I was trying to still decide what to do with when I came across Photowall. They were nice enough to let me pick one of their canvas prints to review, complimentary. It took some searching, some looking at these two spaces I had left, thinking about what I wanted, doing some measuring, and asking my husband's opinion before we finally settled on something.

Their site is super user friendly and easy to navigate. They also have not only canvas prints, but wall murals and wallpaper too.

I placed my order and four days later, it arrived. Here is my canvas in a roll next to its lovely shipping box:

It literally does come in a roll. Makes it much easier and safer to ship. It arrived in great condition. I'm sure if it arrived framed it would cost more to ship, but also be at higher risk of being damaged in transit.

Inside the box there were instructions, the canvas, the frame, and the hardware for the frame and to hang the picture.

I then, following the instructions, laid out my canvas and carefully stuck the frame pieces on the back side. You do need to be precise, so bring out your perfectionist side during this process. It is also quite easy to do, you just have to be exact when you do it. There are tabs at the end of each frame piece that you peel off that leaves the ends sticky and you then fold the canvas over so that it is attached and kept tight.

You then roll each frame piece in towards the center, creating a frame, and screw these little black screws in the holes in these metal brackets that keep the frame tightly together.

All I had to do was then hang it, which was super easy. The print we picked is this gorgeous, antique-looking map. It now hangs perfectly on one of our walls, blending well with the other art and decor around it.

I have just one wall left and plan on looking at other canvas print options from Photowall. I do wish they had a larger selection, especially from American artists, but they still have a decent selection and you can also upload your own pictures.

Overall, a successful endeavor and one I plan on repeating. :)

Do you have any canvas prints on your walls?

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