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Finding Taylor
(Love in Little River Novella)
By Raneé S. Clark
Contemporary Romance
ebook, 74 Pages
September 2020


When Gavin invites Taylor and her sister on an impromptu lunch, he doesn’t expect to find his soulmate. Like him Taylor loves exploring the world, but an offhand comment by Taylor’s sister about their roots in the small town of Little River worries him that pursuing a relationship with her might end up like all the others: him being pressured to give up the nomadic lifestyle he loves. Is the connection he feels with Taylor worth the risk of another broken heart?

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Gavin headed down to the restaurant to meet Taylor. He stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked down, trying to contain the excitement at seeing her again. 

He arrived first and waved off the hostess’s offer to wait at the table, instead walking slowly around the lobby. He’d sat too much the last week anyway, not to mention the long flight from Rio. 


He turned at the sound of Taylor’s voice, smiling as she hurried up to him. She hesitated long enough for him to note her bright yellow tank dress and flip-flops before she leaned forward and hugged him. He pulled her closer an instant later. The conversations they’d had every day melted any awkwardness that might have been between them. 

“Our table is ready,” he said, keeping an arm around her waist as he turned to nod toward the hostess. 

“Perfect. Did I keep you waiting?” She settled closer to him as he walked her back toward the restaurant. He liked the feel of his hand on her hip, her flowery scent light in the air around him now, her blonde hair brushing against his arm. 

“Only a minute or two. It felt good to stretch my legs.” 

“How long is the flight?” Now she slid her arm behind him, her fingers gripping the edge of his shirt. 

“Almost twenty hours with layovers, but something I’m used to, of course. I swear I live half my life on planes.” 

“Stop bragging.” She bumped him with her hip, and he laughed. 

They reached their table, a small one on a wooden platform on the beach, the two chairs seated opposite each other. Taylor frowned at them before slipping from his embrace and sitting down. A gentle breeze blew by, and she tilted her head back, taking in a long breath. 

“It’s wonderful. The ocean, the flowers, and the delicious food,” she said. “I’m glad I get to stay an extra couple days. It’s going to be hard enough to leave as it is.” 

“There is something about a beach at sunset that just never gets old.” Gavin dropped into his own chair, only glancing at the menu before he’d already decided. Taylor had picked up hers and began poring over it, her sandaled feet tentatively sliding next to his. He slid his own closer, the feel of her skin against his leg making him ready to ditch dinner and head straight for the walk, where he might find a quiet space of beach and hold Taylor in his arms. 

Dinner, thankfully, passed quickly, their conversation just as easy as it had been on the phone the last few days. It was natural to take her hand and help her up when they had finished, and then keep hold of it as they headed for the beach. Taylor slipped out of her flip-flops right away, holding them with her other hand as they walked. 

She leaned her head against his shoulder. “It’s crazy how easy this is, right? Us?” 

“Roxy did say we were soulmates.” 

“I knew that from the minute you said you did freelancing so you could travel.” 

“It’s sounds exciting at first, until I miss your birthday because I have a last minute meeting in Paris.” He stopped, not caring that they hadn’t really found a quiet place, that there were people scattered about on the beach still. He turned toward her, bringing his hands to her waist and looking down on her. They’d talked a lot about Gavin worrying that he wouldn’t find someone who understood his passion, that the wanderlust in his blood wouldn’t just evaporate someday when it was time to be responsible. 

She hadn’t been afraid to admit that traveling and family didn’t come without complications, but she’d been insistent that a life where her children could experience all the things she’d grown up wishing for sounded fantastic. He wanted to look in her eyes now and see the same enthusiasm she’d expressed over the phone. 

“Take me with you to Paris,” she said softly, running her hands up the front of his shirt and tilting her head back. 

“What about the kids?” he asked, smiling as he leaned closer, making sure she saw the joke in his eyes. 

“You’re moving fast, buddy. Sit back and enjoy this for a few minutes.” She moved her hands to the back of his head, pulling him down and meeting his lips with hers. They melted into each other, with their toes in the sand, and waves threatening to roll over their feet. And Gavin did just what he was told. He forgot about the future and what six months down the road might mean with Taylor, and he enjoyed the next several minutes. To their fullest.

Excerpted from Finding Taylor by Raneé S. Clark. Copyright © Raneé S. Clark.

About the Series

In this small town in Wyoming, there's something magical to finding love.

Roxy’s Song, Book 1 - In a sweet story of second chance love, country music star Taggart Dubois comes home to win back his childhood sweetheart, Roxy.

Dating Dru, Book 1.5 - One magical kiss between Dru and Amber leads to 12 dates before Christmas and a holiday happily ever after.

Catching Coy, Book 2 - Basketball star Coy Jones is all set up to find love on the reality dating show “The Catch,” but his heart has other plans when he meets Bellamy.

Hallie’s Hero, Book 3 - Determined to save her show, TV star Hallie Butler comes to Little River for some magic of her own, and finds it when local doctor Nash rescues her.

June’s Forever, Book 4 - Billionaire businesswoman June St. Clair is ready to marry again, and when her late husband’s ghost gets involved, she ends up ditching her plans and falling for Wyatt.

Once you visit Little River, you’ll never want to leave this sweet little town where happily ever after is right around the corner.

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About the Author

In a house overrun by boys, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Raneé loves football and enjoys watching (and playing!) other sports as well, like basketball and baseball. When she’s not chauffeuring three busy boys to various activities (and sometimes while she is!), Raneé is either writing, reading (usually romance), obsessing over clothes in the form of her online boutique, or figuring out how to get a Crumbl cookie in rural Wyoming. When her real-life love interest can drag her away from imaginary worlds, she doesn’t mind spending some time with him in the great outdoors that he loves.

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