Weekly Update #396, the countdown has begun...

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The day after Thanksgiving my youngest got out her white board and wrote up the days left until Christmas and has been happily erasing each day as we go. Lol! We put up the Christmas lights, tree and decorations this past week so we now have the official days counter up. I'm excited for Christmas as well. The past three weeks have been overly crazy and I'm sleep deprived. This coming week will still be busy, but not anywhere close to the past weeks and I'm looking forward to it! There are lots of books being featured this week, and some reading I need to get in as I'm behind.

This Week

Current Events

December includes two of my favorite events to organize and share (if you're a blogger or bookstagrammer and want to participate in sharing either of these events - fantasylaunch here and romance launch will be here on Tuesday - email me here and I'll send the HTMLs and info).

One is a fantasy and sci-fi event that is about half-way through and I'm just loving these books and seeing them online everywhere!

This week starts the clean romance event and I'm equally looking forward to it!

These events are great because I generally love the books and when the holidays are so busy, these are so easy to post and fill any holes I have in my schedule. I'll have some awesome books to share each day all the way up to Christmas!

Last Week

In case you missed any of these over the past week...

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