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I'm excited to share my experience with putting up a wall mural from Photowall with you guys today (product courtesy of Photwall)You can use my discount code, wishfulendings25, for 25% off your purchase through June 21, 2021 (I don't receive any kickback or anything from you using this). Read my review, including some tips for hanging your own wall mural, below...

Ordering Your Wall Mural

First off, you obviously need to carefully consider where you will use a wall mural or wallpaper. I can't say my past experience with wall paper was great and it was a big decision to go back to this product. Honestly, wallpaper has come a long way and it was so much better this time around. So, if you have those same concerns, I'll lay them to rest here a bit. I really loved that Photowall's murals and wallpaper use wall paste. It made it so much easier to put on than when the paper itself is sticky (and tends to stick to itself and get all messed up and also be really hard to reposition). They also have a wallpaper kit you can order that comes with everything you need (they were out of stock so I did have to go find the tools I needed which Home Depot did not carry, but Lowe's did). Their product also comes with wall paste, so they try to give you everything you need to successful. 

We have lived in this house for almost ten years. I painted the kids' bedrooms, the hallway, the entry and the family room the first couple of years we were here. Then the kitchen got a remodel and new paint two years ago. Those areas now need to be repainted again (kids have such dirty hands and feet, lol!) and the kitchen still needs a backsplash. I think a home is a never-ending project, but can be a fun and exciting one. 😃 Our master bedroom was all white and the walls were a bit scuffed and dirty. It was still like that. If you're like me, the master bedroom always seems to be last on the list, but really shouldn't be. I decided that was the place I want updated. Plus if it didn't turn out, no one would have to see it except for me and my husband. 😉

Once the room was picked, then I went to Photowall's website and had to pick a mural. I could have gone with wallpaper, but I really wanted a landscape that would make our room feel calm and relaxing. They have so many gorgeous choices! It took me over two weeks to pick something that my husband was okay with and that I liked (a wall mural is really bold for him and he doesn't do decorating or painting so it was a bit of a leap for him to be okay with it - at least he's generally okay with me doing things like this).

We went with this misty mountain scene in gray. I wanted green, my favorite color, but he wanted more neutral. I have to say that I think either would be wonderful and we really like the gray.

Then you put in the dimensions of your wall, adding four inches to the sides (ideal since most walls aren't completely even or level - something I found when I actually put the mural up). You also decide on the quality of the wallpaper. I went with premium as I wanted a durable, matte finish.

I had a moment of hesitation pushing that order button. I rechecked my measurements, took a breath and hit submit. Then I just had to wait for the week or so for it to arrive.

Installing Your Wall Mural

My mural came a little over a week later and arrived in three boxes all wrapped together. The number of boxes depends on the dimensions of your wall.

Photowall has an installation video that I recommend watching more than once. They also have a list of everything you need if you don't get their wallpaper kit (or it was out of stock, like in my case). You'll want to make sure you have everything you need and prep your wall. This means sanding the wall if it's painted with a glossy paint, levelling any areas, filling in holes, etc. and then washing the wall and letting it dry.

Next is making the wall paste. I will say that I wish someone had warned me about the wall paste. I poured it into the water too fast the first time and it just made one large glob. I threw that out and then started over with the next pouch (thank goodness that one pouch was enough for my wall and they sent one in each box, so I had three of them and room to mess up!). The second time I used a wire whisk and slowly poured the paste into the water as I quickly whisked it. This was so much better. There were still a few clumps, but overall it was a smooth paste. The smell wasn't overpowering either and I appreciate that they use natural, vegan approved, materials.

Then you prep your mural segments. Ideally you should cut each and then lay them out in order with the numbers face up so you put them up on the wall in order. I love how they label everything so there's really nothing to figure out. I didn't have a ton of room since we had to push furniture out of the way for me to do the wall, so I had my daughter cut each section for me as I went. When I grabbed one section, she cut the next.

It finally starts to come together as you hang the wall mural, segment by segment. I knew there would be some extra wallpaper that I would need to trim off and I wanted more of the top than the bottom of the my mural so I started with that in mind. However, I did make the mistake of not properly measuring my walls for where it was level/even and where it was not. It turns out that my ceiling is about a half inch higher on the right corner than the left. I made it work, but there ended up being a very slight gap on the right side. Not one you can see unless you know it's there though and are right up to it. Thank goodness. So, learn from me and check the level of your wall and ceiling before beginning so you can adjust your strips accordingly.

After it's all hung, now you trim and fix any places that need a bit more glue. Once I had all the segments up, I then took a handy cutting guide and my knife and just cut along where it needed to be trimmed. I also reapplied glue where I had trimmed to make sure the paper laid as it should and there wouldn't be any spots pulling up. I also did this along some of the seams. You definitely want to roll those seams with the roller. It took me about five hours or so to put it all up.

Your Finished Wall Mural

I was really happy that I went with the premium paper. It was so worth it! It's strong and I love the matte finish. My master bedroom is night and day different than it was. Of course it was just white walls before, but this scene literally transforms the space from just average to an escape and haven. I think we could all use more of that in our lives.

My Review

Photwall murals and wall paper are perfect for those of use who want an artistic or scenic atmosphere in our homes. There are plenty of options to choose from, including uploading your own creations. Their website is easy to navigate, ordering is user-friendly, and orders arrive quickly and in perfect condition. The premium wallpaper has a durable, easily wipeable, matte finish. In addition to the natural wall paste (please mix carefully as to not clump), the paper is easy to reposition when needed. Directions are easy to follow. Be prepared to take your time to apply properly and meet seams and make sure you have all the right tools. The finished product is just outright gorgeous! It completely changes the whole atmosphere in any room.

Personally, I have loved this product! I also have one of Photowall's canvas prints, which I love, but this... it makes me happy to walk into my bedroom now and I love just looking at this wall. It feels like a bit of a haven for me, my husband, and our kids who seem to come piling onto the bed with us more often than they did before. It's so realistic that the room even looks slightly misty depending on the light and angle. If this is something you're considering, I'd highly recommend going for it! It will take some work, including prepping and making sure you have what you need, but it is well worth it! I'm hoping to do another wall in our spare bedroom and possibly the girls' room and I'm expecting the effect to be just as transporting as this one has been.

Source: I received a complimentary wall mural of my choice from Photowall, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

What do you think? Would you like your own wall mural? If you did, what type of scene would you pick and where would you put it?

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