Short and very sweet... A Lady's Favor by Josi S. Kilpack & Heir to Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson (Review Briefs)

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A Lady's Favor A Lady's Favor
(A Proper Romance)
by Josi S. Kilpack
Adult Historical Romance
ebook, 76 Pages
March 21st 2016 by Shadow Mountain


Lord Strapshire is the most-eligible bachelor in town, and he has set his sights on the lovely Bianca Davidson. It’s too bad that Bianca finds him to be an insufferable boor. In order to deflect his attention, Bianca plans to ask Mathew Hensley to pretend to court her. The problem is, Bianca hasn’t spoken to Mr. Hensley since they were both involved in a particularly embarrassing incident years before. But he owes her a favor, and Mr. Hensley might be Bianca’s only hope.
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My Review

A LADY'S FAVOR was sweet and fun and perfectly swoon-worthy. I loved that in so few pages (this is a novella) that an entire story was so well told, and delightfully so. I not only found lovable and full characters, I found that I became invested in their story quickly. There were a few heartbreaking and scary moments and I loved how it all turns out. If you enjoy Regency romance, then definitely grab this one. 

In the end, was it what I wished for? Yes. I wanted a sweet romance that was on the lighter side, still well-written, and that I could dive into and get lost in for a little bit. This is definitely what I found.

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Heir to EdenbrookeHeir to Edenbrooke
(A Proper Romance)
by Julianne Donaldson
Adult Historical Romance
ebook, 53 Pages
November 17th 2015 by Shadow Mountain


Philip Wyndham has never envied his older brother for being the heir to Edenbrooke. He would much rather carve out his own destiny than live under the constraints of that position. But when his older brother dies unexpectedly, Philip's life is turned upside down as duty requires him to give up the life he planned. Philip takes on his new role as the most sought-after bachelor in London with alternating reluctance, boredom, and resentment. But all that changes the night fate leads him to an inn, where he meets the incomparable Marianne Daventry.

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My Review

HEIR TO EDENBROOKE was a joy to read because I already love these characters. It was interesting (and a little heartbreaking) to read Philip's backstory and the pain and then burden he was carrying before he met Marianne. It brought a lot more depth to the change that she brought into his life, but also to Philip's character and position. I would have loved more, of course, more pages, more story... but for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this and fans of EDENBROOKE should too.

In the end, was it what I wished for? Mostly. I wanted to know more about Philip and this is what I got, but I would have liked even more. Either way, I still loved this!

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