Top Ten Characters I'd Love to Revisit in Ten Years or So (Top Ten Tuesday)

I'm participating in Top Ten Tuesday today, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
Here's today's topic (or at least what I picked):
Top Ten Characters I'd Love to Revisit in Ten Years or So

I went back and looked at the books I have read over the past year and a half and found characters that I wouldn't mind seeing how life is going for them all grown up. Here are my picks (linked to my reviews):
1. Harper & Ridley from I'll Be Yours by Jenny B. Jones. Did Harper stay in town or end up moving? How did Ridley's football career go? Did they end up together?

2. Johanna from The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace. What happened to the kingdom? Is she still stuck by the border? Does she have a family of her own? Do any of them have magic?

3. Nym from Storm Siren by Mary Weber. Is there finally peace? Has Nym found her own peace and her own happily-ever-after? Have the kingdoms been restored? Where did she end up after it was all over? Does she have children and do any of them have powers?

4. Juliana from A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund. Did she hang up her bow and arrow or does she still compete against her husband? Has she taught her children to defend themselves? Have the villagers become healthy and come out of impoverishment?

5. Kaz & Inej from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Did Kaz and Inej both reach their dreams? Did they go off to fulfill them and then meet again one day with free hearts so that they then could be together? Does Kaz still get nightmares and does he still wear the gloves?
6. The whole gang from Winter by Marissa Meyer (although Stars Above does skip a few years ahead). How is Earth and Lunar doing? Are they still at peace? Did Kai and Cinder finally tie the knot? Do they have children? How about the other couples? Has Winter healed? Has Cress visitied all the places she wanted to?

7. Ava from Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl. Is Ava still Natasha's shadow? Are they still on the same side? Did they ever meet anyone that they could have relationships with?

8. Trenton & Kallista from Fires of Invention by J. Scott Savage. What is the world like now? Are there still dragons? Have the people moved out into the world?

9. Wilhelmina from The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows. Did she find her happily-ever-after and come to terms with her past? Does she have children of her own? Have the monsters all been destroyed or do they still have to keep up protections against them?

10. Marguerite from The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl by Leigh Statham. What inventions is Marquerite into now? Has she learned what she wanted to? Did she settle down and have her own wild brood? What is the world like now?

How about you? Who would be on your list? (And if you participated today, leave me the link to your post.)

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