7 Reasons to Use Affiliate Links - It's Christmas Shopping Time

It's the season for gift giving. I think Amazon takes most of my money this time of
year, but I also shop at some other places. If I use Amazon, Book Depository, or
eBay (let me know if you have a Target affiliate, as I don't know anyone else who
does), I use someone's affiliate link. Why? Well, let me give you a list of reasons:

  1. I'm shopping online anyway and it's super easy to just click on someone's link to enter through.
  2. I like that a percentage of my purchase goes to someone other than big companies, so it's one way of supporting small businesses that's free.
  3. On that note, it doesn't cost me anything. I don't pay more for services or products just because I used an affiliate link.
  4. I appreciate others using my affiliate links, so I always return the favor.
  5. It encourages companies to offer affiliate programs and allow ways for us small bloggers to earn a little.
  6. It's completely anonymous. I can't see who bought what and they can't see my name when I use their link.
  7. It makes me feel good that I might be helping someone else with maintaining their blog or running their giveaways. Blogging takes work and time that we all give freely, so it's nice to give something back to other bloggers.

I'm an affiliate with Amazon, Book Depository, Target, and eBay. I always note if I'm leaving an affiliate link (like all the images above are linked to my affiliate link, so if you click on one of the images, you'll be using my link).

Do you have affiliate links? Do you use them? 

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