Spring 2017 Bloggiesta

Bloggiesta is hosted over at its site and runs from March 20-26.
You can go and sign up here.

I've already been working on a few things this and last week for this, but here is my official list and goals...

  1. Update at least one month of back reviews to my review page (already finished back through January, which is a good start to the two years that are not updated - yay!)
  2. Crosspost reviews to Goodreads, Amazon, and B&N back one month (I went back a month - now I just need to keep going...)
  3. Clean up my sidebar and minimize (I finished this and even though there's more there than I really want, it's so much better and has everything I need)
  4. Participate in at least one mini challenge, found here. (I've participated in three! The two items above actually coincide with these, which must be meant to be since I decided on those to-do items before I saw the challenges.)  
  5. Clean out my "Respond Now" and "Respond Soon" email folders
  6. Clean up my menu (on some computers my social icons at the top were overlapping with my menu, so I had to figure out what I didn't need up there)
  7. Re-do my "About Me" on the sidebar (Done. I put a picture instead of my blog button and changed the verbiage.)
  8. Re-do my About Me and Policies pages (Done. They're better organized and more concise.)
  9. Update my "About" info (finished this today)
  10. Continue scheduling posts one week ahead, so on Sunday, March 26th, I should have through April 2nd scheduled

Now looking at how busy I am this week, I'm not sure how far I'll really get with these, but I'm going to do my best. I'll be updating this post with what I've gotten done.

Did you join Bloggiesta?

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