26 New Releases to Add to Your Summer TBR (Prepping for Summer #2)

Summer officially hits the US on Tuesday, June 20th. Are you ready for summer reading? If you're not and you need some recommendations, I've put together a series of posts to help you out (I'm friendly like that). Welcome to the second post in my Prepping for Summer Series! (If you missed the first post, check that out here.)

I already posted quite a list on my favorite books for summertime, but this week I wanted to talk about new releases coming out this summer that are on my must-read list. These are books to be released from June through August in a range of genres. Hopefully you'll find a few to add to your list and become new favorites (click on covers to go to Goodreads)...



June has a strong showing in releases. These first three include two contemporary and one historical Young Adult novels. Everything All at Once feels like the perfect read for branching out and finding new adventures. Now I Rise is the second book in this series and has a serious kick-butt heroine with a complex plot to keep readers engaged. Then, summer wouldn't be the same without a Sarah Dessen book. Thankfully she has perfect timing.


This next set includes all fantasy Young Adult novels. All three involve a legacy left to the characters that doesn't quite turn out how they assumed it would. Song of the Current and Roar both involve magic specific to their people, while Dividing Eden pits twins against each other for the throne.


The final three I'm highlighting for June are all inspirational novels. The Evaporation of Sofi Snow is from an author whose last series, Storm Siren, I loved. This time she's taking on Scifi in the Young Adult genre. Heart on the Line and With You Always are both historical novels from authors I love and trust. 



July is a little lighter for releases, at least those that are must-read for me. These first three are all Young Adult reads. The Last Magician just looks and sounds like an awesome fantasy! Just as I like to read a Dessen novel in summertime, Miranda Kenneally is another contemporary YA romance writer who I generally enjoy and she has a new one coming out as well, Coming Up for Air. Then my favorite contemporary YA author, Kasie West, is releasing her second book this year, Lucky in Love, that I'm dying to fall in love with!


These final two for July are both inspirational contemporary romance novels from authors I love. I'm looking forward to getting to know these characters.



August starts picking up a little in releases, at least ones that caught my eye. These first two are both Young Adult reads, but one is a scifi and the other is a contemporary. Both deal with different races/ethnicities and facing situations when what you thought you knew is challenged.


These are two more inspirational romances to add to your list. One is a contemporary and the other an historical and both from favorite authors, again. It seems all my favorite authors in the genre are posting around summertime.


I also have two historical romances to add from August. These are from favorite authors as well and books I'm highly anticipating.


Missed in May

In case you need a book now (as the books above aren't released yet), here are the books I missed in May (it's quite a list and all are must reads!):



Have you read any of these May releases? Which should I read first?

Also let me know if any of these are already on your list, which you're most excited for, or what you added from my list.

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