Happy New Year!

I want to wish you all a very, very happy New Year!

Every year I set some blogging goals. Some I reach and some I don't, but I set them anyway. :)

  1. Continue to keep my blog up to date. There are a few things I would like to tweak here and there, so I plan on continuing to work on that.
  2. Do better in managing my eARCs. This is a goal every year and sometimes I'm better at it than others.
  3. Read the books that were high on my list from last year that I missed. I really am always terrible at this because I sign up to review too many other books. This year I hope to do better in reading my must-read books.
  4. Keep up with the books highest on my list for this year. If I can start off keeping up with this year's releases then I hope that will mean I won't have a big list next year to catch up on.
  5. Keep going with Prism Book Tours. It's interesting to see how virtual book promotions have changed and the different genres I get to help promote. If you want to join as a blogger or are an author or publisher looking for someone to work with, check it out our site here.
  6. Do better in updating my "Reviews" page. I'm hit and miss with this. I have all of last year and a few months from the year before that still need to be updated.
  7. Meet my Goodreads goal of 150 books. I'd really love to read 200+, but the past couple of years that just hasn't been plausible because life with four kids and a husband and other responsibilities is just too busy. I've just come to accept that I will never read all the books I want to and 150 is still a good number.
  8. I'd love to continue being active on Instagram (my favorite platform).
  9. Get through all of my review copies directly from authors and publishers. Not because I'm required to, but because I would like to.
  10. Continue to love reading and having a blast talking about books!

Let me know if you're setting any goals this year or not and what you're most excited about in 2020 (bookish or not). I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings!

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