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Stars of Twilight Fair
(Love's Journey #3)
By K. Lyn Smith
Historical Romance, Clean & Wholesome
Paperback & eBook, 368 Pages
May 20, 2024 by Davenwood Press


It was irresponsible, really, the way he wielded his smile without a care for where it landed. - Miss Amelia Thorne


Scientist Edmund Corbyn has a passion for the emerging field of photography, but his devotion to his family is unwavering. When it falls to him to save their centuries-old legacy, he readily accepts the challenge. Entrusted by his grandfather and Queen Victoria to secure a suitable bride, Edmund sets out for a house party in the rugged Lake District, confident and determined to achieve his aim.

Miss Amelia Thorne had one single, scandalous season and ever since, she's found refuge in poetry, music and her beloved home on Windermere's misty shore. Labeled the Poisoned Thorne by London's gossip rags, she has little patience for high society or the London tourists tramping her paths. Her peace is disrupted, though, when a chance encounter with one of her aunt’s guests sparks an immediate connection. Despite Amelia’s resolve to maintain her seclusion, she begins to realize just how much she yearns for more.

As Amelia and Edmund's affection grows, Edmund finds himself caught between duty and desire. Will he betray his heart to preserve his family's legacy, or will he dare to defy his monarch’s mandate and risk everything for love?

Stars of Twilight Fair is a witty, humorous and tender forbidden-love romance set in the majestic Lake District. It features a bookish heroine, a scientist hero, a few bits of poetry (both good and bad) and a dog named Lord Byron. If you believe the scent of bookshop is "as rich as the most decadent perfume," then you are a reader after Amelia's own heart. This is a full-length novel and the third in the Love's Journey series. Each book stands alone, but many readers prefer to enjoy them in order.

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My Review

STARS OF TWILIGHT FAIR is a story about a man fulfilling his family's legacy and a woman who has hidden away to escape a scandal. Through some happenstance meetings the two form a tentative friendship that blossoms to more but with impossibilities in them finding a happy ending together. Readers will fall in love with these characters and story where heartstrings will be pulled and restrung. Sweet historical romance at its best!

I adored these characters! Partly due to the fact that they are all complex and unique, even the side characters, and partly because they are so likable. I'd gladly have both for friends. Edmund is this loyal, intelligent, charming, hard-working gentleman. He tends to go on about his photography work as well as how he sees the world, which some may not enjoy, but Amelia finds it interesting and can easily converse with him about it all. She is whip smart, educated, witty, direct, loyal and caring, She has hidden away at her country estate due to an innocent scandal that continues to circulate in society, ridiculously so. I loved their initial meeting and the subsequent ones. Their dialogue and interactions were full of surprises and fun with some tension and sweet ones as well. 

The plot was very well paced. There was an emotional pull throughout that drove the story as things progressed. I liked that there were a few surprises, which kept things interesting. There were also parts that drew on different emotions: shock, anger, sadness, joy, laughter, love. There were definitely a few swoon-worthy moments that were sweet and that I never felt were sickly sweet. I also loved the relationship with Amelia and her cousin and the family dynamic with them and with Edmund's family. There was a bit of an impossible situation, but I appreciated the way the author had things play out that was also plausible historically. It made for a genuine story.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This was a pure delight to read! It's not a short book per se, but it was such an enjoyable read that it felt like a much shorter book and one that I was a bit sad to end. Those are honestly the best books. Highly recommended!

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the author through BookSirens, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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