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A Match Gone Awry
(Georgians in Paris #2)
By Arlem Hawks
Historical Romance, Clean & Wholesome
Paperback & eBook, 236 Pages
March 15, 2024


All's fair in love and peace...

1774. In the decade-long respite from war with France, the English flooded the Continent. And like a siren, Ancien RĂ©gime Paris beckoned, promising elegance, adventure, and love.

From kitchens to ballrooms, delight your palate with Georgians in Paris, four clean and sweet romance novellas to be enjoyed in any order.


She needs a match. He's here to help.

Desperate to leave Paris, Gabrielle d’Amilly has set her sights on an English diplomat who can whisk her away to a happier life. But when an attempt to catch his eye goes wrong, she enlists the British navy lieutenant Harvey Barlow to help in her scheme. Under the guise of visiting a friend, Lieutenant Barlow arrives in Paris with the task of checking France’s relations with the discontented colonies. Playing at matchmaking won't hurt his mission, especially for a good cause. But when his intentions to be helpful turn to feelings of love, he finds himself distracted from his duties. In his quest to advance in the navy, he cannot give Gabrielle the happy life she's after. With war threatening, Harvey and Gabrielle are forced to decide to hold to their previous goals or strive for an imperfectly perfect match.

A Match Gone Awry is a clean & wholesome Georgian romance. ♥

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My Review

A MATCH GONE AWRY is a story about a woman in an untenable situation and a navy officer who comes to her aid. It is set in historical France between a Frenchwoman and Englishman during peace but with possible war on the horizon. Both are fabulous, complex characters who readers won't be able to help falling in love with as they flip the pages through a compelling plot. Highly recommended to sweet historical romance fans!

I loved both of these characters! Gabrielle is a bit unorthodox, but she's had to be to survive under her stepmother's thumb and find a way to escape. She was full of so much life and dreams in spite of her circumstances. She was darling. Harvey is more serious as his career demands, but he also has a love of pastries, walks, and it seems rescuing young ladies. They were an intriguing mix and I enjoyed how they interacted and fit together. Their conversations were fun and even though they weren't romantically interested in each other, they find themselves falling for each other without meaning to. Of course, there are obstacles in their way and some delightful circumstances that come about while this story unfolds. There were also some pretty heartbreaking circumstances that pulled on all my emotions. I haven't read many stories set between these two countrymen, nor set in France, which leant a uniqueness to this story.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This was a very enjoyable story! A unique setting, lovable characters, sweet romance, and complexity to the characters and plot made for a great read.

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the author, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Are you a fan of this author or genre? Have you read any other books set in historical Paris?

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