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Christopher & Jaime
(Pianos & Promises #1)
by Jennifer Peel
Adult Contemporary Romance, Novella
ebook, 122 Pages
September 6th 2016


Jaime Seger has two goals in life: marry her best friend, the man that owns her heart and soul, and buy her very own grand piano. But Christopher McKay, who has no idea Jaime's been in love with him since she was eleven years old, never gets the memo and marries someone else. 
When Christopher's wife dies, Jamie finds herself helping him raise his young daughter. A year later, she is on the other end of a very unlikely proposal, promising everything she thought she ever wanted.
But will Christopher help Jaime finally realize both of her dreams, or will she only be left with broken promises?

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My Review

CHRISTOPHER & JAIME was an emotional roller-coaster romance that tugs on the heart from the first page to the last. Recommended to romance readers who are looking for all the feels.

The author did such a good job of writing moments of heartbreak mixed with lighter, sweeter moments, and then others that were more meaningful. I did want the story to move forward more in places and not have as many flashbacks, but I also got why the author shared them. Then there were times I just wanted Jaime to devour Chris' journal or for Chris to figure things out. Definitely lots of different feelings from this story, especially with the romance and with their adorable daughter.

In the end, was it what I wished for? Definitely a story that I enjoyed and plan on reading again.

Content: Mild swearing and some innuendo.

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Beck & Call
(Pianos & Promises #2)
by Jennifer Peel
Adult Contemporary Romance, Novella
ebook, 125 Pages
September 20th 2016


What happens when a dashing Englishman and an almost famous pianist collide? Sparks. And lots of them. 

Call’s life always seems to be on the cusp of working out, only to unravel at the last moment. For instance, when she meets the guy. The man she’s been fantasizing about from afar. The one who walks his beautiful Siberian husky around her neighborhood. Their first meeting is nothing like she hoped; in fact, she wishes she never met him. 

Charles Beckett is in need of a good dog-sitter, but he gets more than he bargained for when a cheeky American bartender shows up at his house fifteen minutes late. The job interview quickly turns into a sparring match and Call leaves vowing to run him over with her truck the next time she sees him. 

It’s up to their dogs now to bring the pair together. 

Will Call finally have one of her dreams come true? Or will the Englishman be another checkmark in her long list of unrealized promises?

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My Review

BECK & CALL was a rather comedic and equally sweet and romantic read. With fun characters, some extra English charm, and some troublesome dogs, it was a fun read from the first page. Recommended to romance readers looking for something on the lighter side.

From the very beginning I adored Call. She's that contradictory character who is equally feisty and soft. Her and Beck definitely don't hit it off well, but it made for some great humor that continues to the end. I loved how this story developed and all the times it made me laugh and sigh.

In the end, was it what I wished for. Another enjoyable story from this author and series and one I'll read again.

Content: Some mild language.

Cole & Jillian
(Pianos & Promises #3)
by Jennifer Peel
Adult Contemporary Romance, Novella
ebook, 143 Pages
October 4th 2016


Can a few hours really change your life?

Jillian Jones knows a thing or two about the country music scene, and she wants no part of it after divorcing her country singer ex-husband. But as fate would have it, she’s seated next to country legend Cole Pendleton on a red-eye flight home to Nashville from Las Vegas. Between her emotional state, her fear of flying, and maybe a little vodka, she finds herself taking comfort in Cole’s arms and lips during their four-hour flight.

Cole Pendleton’s life changes the night he wakes up to his beautiful seatmate, Jillian. He doesn’t know what it is about her, but he’s drawn to her like no one before. As the night wears on he’s determined to do whatever it takes to get to know her better. He finds himself promising her he’ll come looking for her once they’re both ready to move forward with a relationship. But he has two problems, his profession and his past.

Jillian finds herself wanting to believe him, but can she trust his midnight promises? Or will the piano man be like her ex-husband and let his promises fade away in the light of day?

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My Review

COLE & JILLIAN was a sweet read with two characters who have a lot in their past to overcome if they're to find their happily-ever-after. Romance readers should enjoy this one.

This wasn't my favorite of the series. I'm not sure exactly what was missing, but the story didn't always quite work for me or maybe I just didn't connect to parts of it. The rest of the story though, I did enjoy. I liked the characters and I liked that they had to learn to trust when they've been burned before. There also was some fabulous chemistry, some good humor, and some swoon-worthy moments.

In the end, was it what I wished for? For the most part I enjoyed this story. Not my favorite of the series, but still a good read.

Content: Clean


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