2013 NetGalley Reading Challenge

Once I started blogging in February, I requested everything I was the least bit interested in from NetGalley. I didn't know how many I would actually be approved for. At first I got declined quite a bit and then I got a bunch of approvals all at once. It felt like Christmas since I love reading and I have loved seeing all those books on my Kindle to read. Then I had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. To date I have over 100 approvals. That's a lot of books to read! I would really like to read them all and my goal is to be able to do that, but we'll see.

The 2013 NetGalley Reading Challenge is hosted by Red House Books. I decided joining this challenge would probably be a good idea. I'll definitely make the Gold Star level having to only read 30+ titles. I have a bookshelf on Goodreads for NetGalley titles (I'm always updating it), so that will be how I'll keep track of what I have to-read and what I've read. Here is a list of titles from NetGalley I've already read or are definitely going to be reading, at this point, and links to their Goodreads page or my review.
  1. A Shimmer of Angels
  2. Spellbinding
  3. Scent of Magic
  4. Poison
  5. Swept Away
  6. The Icecutter's Daughter
  7. Prisoner B-3087
  8. A Conspiracy of Alchemists
  9. The Art of Wishing - READ
  10. A Touch of Scarlet - READ
  11. Going Vintage - READ
  12. The Collector - READ
  13. That Time I Joined the Circus
  14. Things I Can't Forget
  15. A Corner of White: The Colors of Madelein
  16. Naturals
  17. Dear Cassie - DNF
  18. The Sweetest Dark
  19. The Deepest Night
  20. Pretty Dark Nothing
  21. The Rules
  22. It Happened at the Fair - READ
  23. Undeniably Yours - READ
  24. Sweet Mercy - READ
  25. Gorgeous - DNF
  26. Once Upon a Prince - READ
  27. The Reluctant Assassin
  28. Nantucket Blue
  29. Wednesdays in the Tower
  30. Catch a Falling Star - READ
  31. The Rose Throne
  32. School Spirits
  33. Swans & Klons
  34. Stealing the Preacher - READ
  35. Double Crossed - READ
  36. Spirit - READ
  37. A Beautiful Heist - READ
  38. Blackmoore - READ
  39. Longing for Home - READ
  40. Arrow of the Mist - READ
  41. Doon - READ
  42. The Siren's Secret - READ
  43. The Hero's Lot - READ
  44. Dragonwitch - READ
  45. Emma: A Latter-day Tale - READ
  46. Penumbras - READ
  47. The Reluctant Blogger - READ
  48. Gated - READ
  49. Truth or Date - READ
  50. Angel Fever - READ
  51. The Next Best Thing - READ
  52. The Perfect Match - READ
  53. A Missing Peace - READ
  54. The Perfect Guy - READ
  55. A Nothing Named Silas - READ
  56. Never Fade - READ
  57. Carla Kelly's Christmas Collection - READ
  58. My Name Used to Be Muhammad: The True Story of a Muslim Who Became a Christian - READ
  59. Fireblood - READ
  60. Dare You To - READ
  61. Crash Into You - READ
  62. These Broken Stars - READ
  63. Mistress of the Wind - READ
Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers who use them for letting me read so many fabulous books!

By the end of the year I've read 38 eARCs from NetGalley, which meets my goal of 30. Woohoo! Next year I'm planning on reading a lot more than that. :)

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