Friday Favorites: Laura @ Colorimetry

Friday Favorites is a meme hosted here, that spotlights a favorite author, book, series, publisher, cover, blog, etc. Basically whatever bookish thing that you love, recommend, and want to tell others about. Just pick one and link up to my post each Friday to share. You can use the graphic I used above, the other one here, or your own.

I have gotten really busy between blogging, my family, and now partnering with Laura @ Colorimetry/Prism Book Tours for blog tours. This means that Friday Favorites will not be a consistent post. I will post when I really have something that I love that I want to share and it may be completely planned or sporadic. It isn't something I want to give up because I love sharing what I really love with you, so this is my compromise. When it does post, it will still be on Fridays. :)

Today I am spotlighting another blogger, and the last in this little series, Laura from Colorimetry/Prism Book Tours. I don't even know when I started following her blog, but it has been for some time. When I started my blog the first tour I signed up for was through her and it was a great experience!

Why is Laura a favorite blogger?

If you've ever worked with Laura on tours or have read her blog you are probably aware that she has this fabulous sense of humor. Her personality really comes across in everything she does as well. This is my favorite thing about her! It makes it fun to follow her and now to partner with her.

Here are some other things:

1 - We have similar expectations in books.
2 - We both love reading Fantasy.
3 - I love how creative her tours are! She just has all these great ideas and ways of exposing a book, series, or author to readers. This really makes her tours one of a kind.
4 - She really gets behind the things she enjoys and supports.
5 - She's become a great friend. Really. We email so much that it feels weird if I don't hear from her over a couple of days. Is that weird? ;) Nah. I would totally be able to hang out with her if I was in her area.
6 - She is just a great people-person.

About Laura
(from her blog)

My real name is Laura Armstrong. "Burgandy Ice" comes from the name of a hybrid rose my husband gave me for Valentine's one year that is somehow surviving despite me. (The mis-spell comes from my emotional reaction to excessive 'u's.)

I own a business with my husband, Jeremy, who is a sort of classic car arteest. Check out our other action on the "Cool, Man" page. We have four crazy, awesome kids.

I am writing a book! A paranormal fantasy, of course - a faerytale retelling. In October 2012 I won 2nd place in a short story contest. *Eeep!* Read my creation on the Winners Post.

You can find Laura here:

Do you have a favorite to share this week?

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