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I was on the tour for Room Recipes back in October. I fell in love with how the author, Tonya Olsen, organized her interior design book and the tips and DIY projects she included. You can read an interview with Tonya and my review here.

Tonya went a step further and designed a recipe for my entryway, which you can see here. It's a great design! I did change quite a bit in the end due to resources and the space, but the design was still my inspiration and a lot of it I did also stick to.

You can see my first update here where I show my before and after for painting my walls and putting up the board and batten.

Here is where I left off last time:

This final update include two pieces, I would say. First it includes a rug and an ottoman-turned-chest, which I both added back in late November. The rug is exactly what Tonya suggested, but a darker shade since I was afraid the lighter one would show too much with my four little ones traipsing all over it everyday. I really, really loved the piano bench idea that Tonya had, but after not finding one used and looking at ones I could get online to re-do, I went to Target to see what they had and found this ottoman on sale that is small enough to fit in the space and opens up to fit my kids' soccer gear (hurray!!!).

Then just today I finished the second part, which is the south wall of the entryway (the largest wall space on the left in the picture). I bought the mirror (in black) that Tonya had found from Target a while ago, around the same time as the rug and ottoman. I didn't realize how big it actually was until last week when I was figuring out what frames I wanted to use and what I wanted to do with the space. The mirror was going to end up being the biggest thing at first and off to the side if I stayed with how I originally thought it would go. I tried putting it in the middle, putting it on the side and putting smaller pictures to the left and right, but there isn't a lot of wall space to include a lot of frames if you want them big enough to see what's in them or to include sentimental sayings or whatnot.


I've wanted one of those family rules subway-like art pieces for some time. I also had been leaning towards going with green instead of turquoise because my sister has turquoise and gray in her house and my living room's accent color is a dark green. I found the one I ended up using at Hobby Lobby for half off and then repainted my mirror and an oval frame to match the green in the family rules sign. I was going to try to add some other colors too, but there just isn't the space really for that. Anyway, this is how it turned out:

I have a bunch of American stuff that I haven't put up yet. It's all supposed to be for my family room, but we have these really green couches in there, so I've been waiting. It's possible in the future that my living room may become my Americana room and the family room may get all the stuff currently decorating the living room. Another great thing about the family rules sign and the entryway is that I can keep everything decorated as it is except repaint the mirror and oval frame red, which is also in the sign or red and green and it would work with the American stuff.

Here is my before and after:


Now, I don't think I'll ever see all the hooks like that (empty). They'll always have backpacks and jackets, but that's their purpose and they look beautiful and chic as they do it. ;) I really love how it turned out!!! The space feels completely different than it did before and it feels like it's own space, which it never did before.

Thank you so much, Tonya!!!

What do you think?

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