An interesting twist on angels and demons... The Soulstealer's Child by Brandon Gray (Review)

The Soulstealer's ChildThe Soulstealer's Child
by Brandon Gray
YA Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 340 Pages
November 16th 2016


Can a human heart overcome a demon soul?

When soul-eating demons overrun his world, Kaelis, a young seraph warrior, uses the Queen’s ring to open a portal in space and flee with the infant heir to the throne, landing on earth. Unbeknownst to him, the demon leader, Nsark, follows through the portal, determined to devour the soul of every last seraph, especially the Queen’s heir. After Kaelis hides the baby, Nsark creates the ultimate weapon by fathering a half-human, half-demon: a soul-stealer’s child.

Sixteen years later, an awkward teen named James struggles to fit in with his peers. In a last-ditch effort, he joins the school play, where he meets Lucy. Something deep draws them together, and their friendship reveals their hidden pasts: one is an angel, one is half-demon. Lucy and James find themselves pulled into an age-old war between their peoples. Hunted by relentless enemies, and grappling with deep-seated instincts and strange new powers, they must fight for their lives, their souls, and each other.

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My Review

THE SOULSTEALER'S CHILD was an interesting twist on the angels versus demons mantra. Quite a few of the usual tropes are found here, like the star-crossed lovers, insta-love, and both angels and demons coming from another world, adding a fantasy element. If you enjoy similar series, you may enjoy this one.

This is the fourth book I've read from this author, but the first of his in the YA genre. While I enjoyed the overall plot, I had issues with parts of the story. I wasn't quite sold on the way the demons and angels acted. I got what the author was trying to convey, but it just didn't always feel authentic and some of the characters felt very removed from others. I also don't like stories where the characters almost immediately fall in love. Here there was a strong pull and attraction, almost hypnotic, between these characters. Again, I got why, but it was too over-the-top for me, basically almost sickly too sweet and gushy. I also like it when not everything is all perfectly tied up because it helps a story feel more realistic. Here everything ended almost too perfectly and unnecessarily so, at least to my point of view, but maybe there is a reason for that in the overall arc of the series that I don't know about.

Then there were parts that I did like. One was the beginning of the book which completely held my attention and started the story off well while in the other world. I really liked the parents of both of the main characters. They felt realistic. I liked the main characters and I got a kick out of Lucy's best friend who adds some nice humor to the story. The play part was also kind of fun. The overall plot, as I mentioned, also worked for me. I got the whole battle that Lucy faces with herself and the demons and how they worked as well as the seraphim. 

Overall, was it what I wished for? This was a bit of a letdown for me, but I think a lot of that had to do that it ended up being not my type of read with the insta-love. Those who dig these types of stories and don't have my issues, will enjoy this one.

Content: Innuendo, references to drugs and drinking, and some violence.

Source: Received a complimentary copy from the tour host, Loving the Book, which did not require a review nor affect it in any way.

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