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The Blue Witch
(The Witches of Orkney #1)
By Alane Adams
Middle Grade Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 216 Pages
October 23rd 2018 by SparkPress


Before Sam Baron broke Odin's curse on the witches to become the first son born to a witch and the hero of the Legends of Orkney series, his mother was a young witchling growing up in the Tarkana Witch Academy. In this first book of the prequel series, the Witches of Orkney, nine-year-old Abigail Tarkana is determined to grow up to be the greatest witch of all, even greater than her evil ancestor Catriona. Unfortunately, she is about to fail Spectacular Spells class because her witch magic hasn't come in yet. Even worse, her nemesis, Endera, is making life miserable by trying to get her kicked out.

When her new friend Hugo's life is put in danger by a stampeding sneevil, a desperate Abigail manages to call up her magic―only to find out it's unlike any other witchling's at the Tarkana Witch Academy! As mysteries deepen around her magic and just who her true parents are, Abigail becomes trapped in a race against time to undo one of her spells before she is kicked out of the coven forever!

Rich in Norse mythology, The Blue Witch is the first of a fast-paced young reader series filled with magical spells, mysterious beasts, and witch-hungry spiders!


“An enchanting new book full of magical mischief and adventure, Alane Adams’s The Blue Witch is guaranteed to please” ―Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Bright, brave characters star in this exhilarating tale of magic and mystical creatures.” ―Kirkus Reviews  

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Guest Post

Top EIGHT mysterious beasts from The Witches of Orkney 

1. Vikens are hulking wolf-like creatures with slavering jaws and immense strength. One just happens to be on the hunt for Abigail!

2. Shun-kara wolves are smaller versions of vikens. They prowl Balfour Island and make suitable pets for witches like Endera.

3. Shreeks are bat-like creatures who wing their way through the swamps outside the Tarkana Fortress. They have a nasty little bite and their spittle burns like acid.

4. Sneevils are the absolute meanest creatures roaming the swamps. Overgrown boars with sharp tusks that can rip into flesh, they are not to be trifled with.

5. Omeras are the grandest winged creatures like large black dragons only these creatures don’t breathe fire, just scary enough to tear you apart with their talons if you cross them.

6. Rathos live in the catacombs under the Tarkana Fortress and can gnaw through stone with their rodent teeth.

7. Biters are nasty little insects that like to drill into you with their long needle-nose and drain your blood. Not a good idea to be out in the swamps without protection!

8. Akkar live in the seas around Balfour Island, keeping strangers away. Their bulbous eyes and long tentacles can sink any ship that gets too close!

My Review

THE BLUE WITCH is a story full of likable heroes, despicable villains, magic, and plenty of dangerous adventure. Middle grade readers are sure to be entertained, as they cheer on Abigail and her friends.

This was a really fun read! I liked the idea of Abigail and the witch school. She is a character who hasn't worked out who she is yet and is facing choices that will lead her to become a dark witch or away from that. I did wish she was a little stronger. She was so easily swayed or caught up in the moment, but I also got it. I can see so many places where enemies could become friends and vice versa. There's just lots of potential here and a nice lead-in at the end for the next book. I would have liked more character and story development, but that also would have made this a much longer story. For a chapter book, it was done really well. An overall enjoyable read!

In the end, was it what I wished for? I enjoyed this one. It's an entertaining read ideal for middle grade readers age 7 - 11.

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through Jean BookNerd Tours, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.

About the Author


Alane Adams is a children’s author, professor, and literacy advocate. She is the author of the Legends of Orkney fantasy mythology series for tweens; she also writes Early American picture books for young children. Adams lives in Southern California.

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