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Starving Hearts and Never Past Hope
By Janine Mendenhall

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Launch - Note from the Author

Hello, bloggers and readers alike!

Many blessings to you and yours during this festive time of year! It's so encouraging to share this message of true love and forgiveness in Never Past Hope, Book #2 of my triangular trade trilogy, especially during the holidays. Besides a great Christmas scene including a little boy and a golden retriever-like puppy similar to mine, the story has some pretty serious struggles and conflict, and it may not be for the faint of heart...

Remembrancy - Excerpt from Starving Hearts

Argument between Annette and her mother regarding chaperon/arranged marriage

“No.” Mother turned and rubbed her chin, deep in thought. Calculating? What was she thinking? Planting her fists firmly on her waist, Mother returned with a fierce gaze. “My decision remains unchanged. No chaperon, no ball. And do not ask again. You know what could happen.”

“But Miss Haack will be there, as will you and Uncle and Aunt. Please, Mother, with everyone present, I thought I—”

“—Could find that extraordinary being you described some weeks ago? The charitable gentleman, who will overlook your faults and rescue you from the prison in which you believe you live?” Annette blinked and swallowed hard.

"From the first page, the reader's interest is immediately drawn into the tale. The adventure and intrigue continue mounting until the very end of the book. [Starving Hearts] is an outstanding, well-written story, during the time of abolition and beginning reformation. It, also, addresses he ignorance concerning some of the health issues and treatment of that time period." - Starving Hearts

" was still very well-written and the story line is quite creative. The adventure never ceases, although the "pace" of the tale is a little slower in this book. " - Never Past Hope

Hearts & Scribbles - Excerpt from Starving Hearts

NOTE: In the forest, Peter finds Annette and her sketchbook filled with sketches of him.

He stopped pacing and looked down at her. Was it Providence? Had the Lord something in mind by bringing them together once more? Peter seated himself on the bench. “It’s of no consequence. You needn’t apologize.” How he wanted to take her hands in his and tell her how many times he had thought of her since their last missed encounter. Oh, how he wanted to ask all of his questions, but he didn’t.

“You needn’t be dishonest again. I have upset you, as it seems I am in the habit of doing.”

Splashes of Joy - Reviews

"Over all, this was an interesting and intriguing story to read. And really good writing for the author for a debut novel. There’s a lot going on in this book, many twists and turns that are not expected, making the book more entertaining, and keeping the interest of the reader to want to keep reading to find out what is on the next page." - Starving Hearts

"All in all, this book was a better read than the first, I think. . . . [if] you love a good Regency novel to engulf in, I would recommend “Never Past Hope” for your reading enjoyment!" - Never Past Hope

Simply Kelina - Spotlight

Handcrafted Reviews - Excerpt from Starving Hearts

Sketchbook scene closing

Torn between captivation and shock, Peter watched her put the sketchbook back inside her bag and slip the strap over her head. Then she looked up at him again.

“I told you, no one else knows about them. And they never will.”


“You do not trust me?”

“That is not the issue.”

Reading Is My SuperPower - Excerpt from Never Past Hope

Miss Mary Hope Adsley should have kept her eyes on the door. She could see her bedchamber just a few steps down the hall, and candles lit the passage with its plush carpet and gold-leafed wall coverings. Except as she and Mother moved arm-in-arm, Mary Hope became distracted and glanced up at the ceiling.

Good heavens, even the shadows? She clenched her teeth. Lord, please hasten Mamá. I must get to my room. Because on this most dreadful day, the very shadows above mocked her, jeering and leaping overhead and along the walls, dancing as though in wicked delight.

At the threshold of the shelter Mary Hope so urgently required, Mother hesitated. “I suppose we are alone, again, except for the servants. They are still here—for now.”

"This was an interesting read, I loved the time period and it was fun to get to know these characters." - Starving Hearts

"I liked that Mary thought she was destined to be with Steven and wanted to stand by him. When everyone else thought he was guilty, she was willing to defend him, and that is true love. Stephen's past and Mary's determination made for an interesting read." - Never Past Hope

Teatime and Books - Excerpt from Never Past Hope

Opening Scene (continued)

Mary Hope’s vision blurred as she slipped into her room. The metallic click of the bolt locking was her signal. Finally, she dropped her pretense, and all her gentle words and kind smiles, those nods and whispered reassurances—lies, every one of them—fell away. She staggered to the wing-backed chair by the fire, collapsing and pulling its woolen coverlet down around her shoulders, then huddling against its cushioned corner.

Sputtering, she tried to control the ache of her shattered heart, but she could not. The saintly lady of means, Miss Mary Hope Adsley, with all her self-assurance and poise, felt as if she was drowning, and she could not imagine how things could improve by morning.

Reading On The Edge - Excerpt from Never Past Hope

Stephen’s Reaction to Mary Hope visiting him in prison

Steven worked to stop the coughing as her lingering touch penetrated deep into his soul.

“Mr. Likebridge, you needn’t distress yourself so,” she encouraged. “All will be well.”

A whisper of concern. He noticed it under her gentle words. Of course, she would worry. She was always so sympathetic. But this wretched coughing, he must stop it. What if she took ill?

"Starving Hearts is a good beginning to the Triangular Trade Trilogy. I absolutely loved Annette and Peter. The story has some mystery and suspense. I mostly appreciated the historical details and found them to be quite interesting." - Starving Hearts

"I thought this was a pretty good read. I enjoyed Mary and Steven’s story. I had no problems wanting to keep turning the pages to see where they were headed to next." - Never Past Hope

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Starving Hearts
(Triangular Trade Trilogy #1)
By Janine Mendenhall
Christian Historical Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 300 Pages
May 16th 2016 by Heritage Beacon Fiction

Carol Award Finalist
Selah Award Finalist

Plagued by nightmares, Annette yearns to find her anonymous rescuer — the man who saved her life from a near deadly assault. Deep inside she is starving for companionship and a mutually respectful relationship. When Mr. Peter Adsley, an abolitionist pastor dealing with his own emotional baggage, agrees to a clandestine meeting, the event appears providential. But self-doubt, deception, and the schemes of a mutual enemy threaten to keep the pair apart. A phantom adversary will stop at nothing to win Annette’s dowry for himself, even if it means killing Peter.

Praise for the Book

"Not only is this a delightful regency romance but it is also suspense filled mystery of the very best kind." - Amazon Review

"The author did a great job, maybe too great a job, describing the slave scenes. Spine tingling and suspenseful. I was biting my nails throughout much of this book." - Amazon Review

Never Past Hope
(Triangular Trade Trilogy #2)
By Janine Mendenhall
Christian Historical Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 308 Pages
September 10th 2018 by Heritage Beacon Fiction

Miss Mary Hope Adsley always considered herself to be the sensible one. But now, her sensibilities are unraveling around a man she thought she knew. After he attempted to marry her best friend—for money, no less—authorities charge Sir Steven Likebridge with masquerading as a gentleman and abduction. With his execution days away, Mary Hope desperately seeks to learn the truth about the man she loves.

Will the truth turn out to be worse than his lies?

Praise for the Book

"I thoroughly enjoyed this clean, historical fiction. . . enjoyed most that it is not the usual presentation of a regency novel." - Amazon Review

"A lovely story that shows how despicable each of us can be and yet God not only still loves us, but He was willing to die for us." - Amazon Review

About the Author

I love losing myself somewhere in time with Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice or a number of other classics like Jane Eyre and Redeeming Love. I cry over most things Nicholas Sparks (because they usually end sadly) and Amazing Grace, both the movie and the hymn, because they lead to the Ultimate happily ever after.

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