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The Gate to Eden
By Cathy McDavid
Adult Historical Romance, Western
Audiobook, 10 Hours and 33 Minutes (also in Paperback and ebook)
January 12th 2019


Expert crackshot Maddie Campbell will do whatever it takes to survive in this female Robin-Hood-of-the-Old-West story - including evading bounty-hunter-for-hire Scott McSween who's intent on bringing her in.

Not your ordinary thief, widow and mother Maddie Campbell likes to think her wealthy victims are merely "donating" to herself and the hundreds of other widows and children left abandoned by the mining company after a devastating accident took the lives of their menfolk. Maddie's secret excursions are quite successful...until ruggedly handsome former lawman Scott McSween arrives in Eden to investigate the recent string of crimes.

Despite her efforts to throw him off track, they can't resist each other. He knows she's somehow involved and is determined to draw out all her secrets in the most exquisite ways - with soft caresses and passionate kisses. But when finally confronted with the truth - that Maddie is actually the thief he's been hired to hunt down and bring in - will Scott choose the woman he loves or his duty to the law?

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Guest Post: From Print to Audiobook

Next to seeing one of my books turned into a movie, having an audio version was my biggest dream. Let me start out by saying I love, love, love my traditional publisher Harlequin and hope to remain with them until the very distant day that I choose to stop writing. But, being a realist, I know it’s unlikely one of my series books with them will ever become an audiobook. If my dream had a chance of becoming gaining wings, it would be up to me.

Having received the rights back to several of my older books with pre-Harlequin publishers, my first decision was which one to pick. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, THE GATE TO EDEN is a personal favorite. Item one checked off! The next step was how to go about getting the audiobook produced. I did a lot of research and talked to numerous authors who’d already gone through the process. I learned I could either produce the audio myself (hire a voice artist, handle the distribution, etc.) or work with a company who would do all that for me.

Knowing nothing, I opted for #2. In my opinion, there were only two companies worth considering: Audible (Amazon) or Findaway Voices. Last summer, I went to the Romance Writers of America National conference and met with representatives from both companies. Findaway Voices impressed me, and I really liked their business model. On a side note, there are big differences when it comes to how the two companies operate. Any author considering independently releasing an audiobook would be wise to dig deep and make an informed choice. Meeting face to face with the reps helped enormously.

Last November, I finally started the process. Next came selecting which narrator to use. With Findaway Voices, I filled out detailed forms about what I was looking for in a narrator (man or woman, deep or light voice, etc.), the book genre, level of sensuality, any accents, and on and on. They then sent me a dozen audio clips of narrators they determined matched my requirements and those narrators’ finished hourly rate. Using headphones, I opened up each narrator’s audio clips and listened with my eyes closed. While I liked several of them, one’s person’s voice gave me immediate chills. I submitted a 750 word excerpt from my book and requested an audition from him. Had I been interest in more than one narrator, I could have requested additional auditions. If I wasn’t satisfied, I could have asked to hear more narrators. It proved unnecessary. The moment I heard Hugh’s audition, I knew he was the one.

And, trust me, he didn’t disappoint. He was enormously easy to work with, making the process as easy as possible. With me being a complete newbie, the process might have been a disaster. Instead, he walked me through every step, even offering advice for some minor changes. He would upload completed chapters to Findaway Voices and, once I’d listened to them, I’d email him any changes. It was absolutely seamless.

And the joy I felt hearing the finished version of my book can’t be described. I hope to release another audiobook, maybe next year. We’ll see. Now, I’m just trying to promote this first one, which is another brand new learning curve for me.

About the Author

As a sophomore in high school, NY TimesUSA Today, and Amazon bestselling author Cathy McDavid won a local writing competition with her self-illustrated children’s book. Who knew that small triumph would eventually lead to a career writing contemporary romances with over 1.3 million books sold? With forty-seven titles to date, Cathy is also a member of the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll. This “almost” Arizona native and mother of grown twins recently married her own real-life sweetheart. After leaving the corporate world four years ago, she now spends her days penning stories about good looking men who ride the range or fight fires or hunt creatures all while sweeping the girl off her feet. It’s a tough job but she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

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