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Welcome to my tour stop! The excerpts I've read have made me want to 
dive right into these stories, especially as I love Steampunk and SciFi. 
I'm sharing one below as well as the tour giveaway, so check them out...

Heaven's Edge Box Set
(Heaven's Edge #1-#3)
By Jennifer Silverwood
YA SciFi, Steampunk
ebook, 290 Pages
July 10, 2018 by JayHenge Publishing


Only by working together will they survive...

A group of refugees from a powerful, sophisticated Core World planet have been on the run for seven years. The mission was to get away and give their children some time to grow up and help them carry on the cause. The cause was to help the rebellion, win the war and go home. But things didn’t quite turn out the way they planned.


Qeya, the future Queen of Datura, can't do much about her red hair, but she knows how to wield a scythe blade and suck the life out of her enemy, literally. Life seems great, if a little boring on heaven's edge. Until her ship is attacked and nearly everyone on board is murdered. Now, the miner who saved her is the only thing standing between her and the hungry beasts hunting them.


All Ohre wants is the kind of freedom a life in the sea can give. But he doesn't want to live it alone anymore. He wants the princess and if Qeya won’t come willingly, he’ll make her.


Tamn has always lived by a code. He doesn't question his duty. Until his crew is stranded on a hostile alien world and he's forced to watch the girl he loves burn in the sky. Stripped of his reason for living, the voices from his past haunt and guide him in a path of endless retribution. Only the strongest will survive the trials ahead and Tamn is determined to keep the family he has left alive.


**Box Set includes first three Heaven's Edge Novellas**

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The first time I saw Qeya was the moment my life began. I wasn’t supposed to be on third deck that day, when she came to watch the miners cook and avoid the Royals. I learned after this that she often did that, came to sit with her mealtime bowl and watched us work. It seemed strange to see so much wisdom and sorrow on a face so young.

Living in the eternal darkness of the lower decks I had heard rumors about the Royal family. We all knew it was because of them we were stuck on Datura 3, forever sailing the stars without a port of call. Yes, there was plenty to mine and every pirate ship we came across paid us thousands for our goods. For some below it was the dream life, far better than scrapping it in the deep cave wastes on home world. But I hadn’t spent all my days on a miner ship. I still remembered the smell of salty sea air and the glow of the undersea palaces at night. As a boy I slipped out of the slums, past the guard and into that sea to catch a glimpse of it. Something the Royals didn’t know—or had chosen to forget—was that we all came from the sea.

The underwater caverns opened up inside the abandoned palaces. I spent at least a hundred nights exploring these forbidden places. I saw the inner chambers of their temples and lost caverns filled with Royal treasures, things my land-dwelling cousins cared little for. Countless times I nearly lost my life, but the sea meant true freedom for me.

Somewhere down the ages we forgot that; we simply dismissed the memory of our first homes. Few lived below the waves now, save the wild ones we didn’t speak of—old clans that it was said had never surfaced. When I was a boy I dreamt of joining them, but Old Brien said that was just crazy water-logging talk. Ever since the Land Wars that lasted the better part of an age and in which my kind lost their chance to rule the world above, we stuck to what we did best: mining the core.

“And that’s all you’ll ever be good for, boy,” Brien would say. “Just remember that next time you go risking your neck below.”

When I had more fool than sense, I used to argue with him. “But we were great once, weren’t we, Brien? We could be great again!” I meant it too. When the palaces grew wearisome, I slipped back to the water.

The Royals could never go as deep as us, had forgotten how to breathe when the water pressed you so hard your mind saw new colors.

That was when I learned the hidden truth not even Old Brien wanted to remember.

My people had come first.

About the Author

Jennifer Silverwood was raised deep in the heart of Texas and has been spinning yarns a mile high since childhood. In her spare time, she reads and writes and tries to sustain her wanderlust, whether it's the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the highlands of Ecuador, or a road trip to the next town. Always on the lookout for her next adventure, in print or reality, she dreams of one day proving to the masses that everything really is better in Texas. She is the author of three series--Heaven's Edge, Wylder Tales and the Borderlands Saga--and the stand-alone titles Stay and She Walks in Moonlight. She recently released her first serialized Urban Fantasy, Angel Blue in August 2018.

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