The Fighting Preacher, an Upcoming Theatrical Release Based on Historical Events (Movie Trailer & #Giveaway)

T.C. Christensen Announces Release Date of New Film...
The Fighting Preacher
Opening in theatres on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Message from the Director

There are all kinds of reasons why I wanted to make this film: It's a great story from Church history that is hardly known, with terrific conflict and resolve but at the heart of it all, I mainly wanted to make The Fighting Preacher because Willard and Rebecca Bean are wonderful, stalwart examples that throughout their story are funny and entertaining. Just what a movie should be!

T.C. Christensen


About the Film

SALT LAKE CITY - T.C. Christensen, the filmmaker behind such popular movies as 17 MiraclesEphraim’s RescueThe Cokeville Miracle and Love, Kennedy, recently announced a release date for his newest feature film, The Fighting Preacher.

Produced by Remember Films and distributed by Purdie Distribution, The Fighting Preacher will open in theaters on Wednesday, July 24. Audiences will get their first glimpse of the film when the trailer debuts online, on TV and in theatres on April 2.

Dave McConnell and Cassidy Hubert star as Willard and Rebecca Bean in the movie, based on the couple’s 25-year missionary service in Palmyra, New York. Joseph F. Smith, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called the Beans in 1915 to occupy and operate the recently re-acquired Smith Farm near Palmyra, New York, site of many pivotal events in the Church’s history.

“Not only is the Bean’s missionary service an extraordinary story,” Christensen says, “Willard’s life before the call is fascinating. He was a boxer, fighting his way to middleweight champion of the world in 1905.” Willard’s prowess in the ring plays a role in the movie, when the boxer challenged all comers to take him on in an effort to break the ice with hostile Palmyra residents.

“When we think of pioneers, we automatically imagine church members traveling westward across the plains,” Christensen says. “Although the Beans went the opposite direction, traveling back east to the roots of the church, their pioneering spirit is no less captivating. They faced hostility and hatred, which still lingered in Palmyra, long after Joseph Smith and his followers were driven from the area.” The film dramatizes many miraculous and inspiring events as the Bean family attempts to win over their unwelcoming neighbors and find a place in the community.

Remember Films, headquartered in Farmington, Utah, produces films for family audiences under the direction of writer, director and cinematographer T.C. Christensen.

Purdie Distribution is an independently-owned film distribution company known for releasing independent films nationwide. Established in 2011, Purdie Distribution led the distribution of SAINTS AND SOLDIERS: AIRBORNE CREED and THE VOID, THE SARATOV APPROACH, FREETOWN, MEET THE MORMONS, ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE, THE STRAY and is generally focused on films that elevate the human experience. Founder Brandon Purdie played a key role in the establishment of the family and faith-based film market with his previous work on the release of SAINTS AND SOLDIERS, THE WORK AND THE GLORY trilogy, and FOREVER STRONG.

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