Weekly Update #361, week three of lockdown...

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This past week was the third week of us practicing social distancing and only going necessary places. Our state finally went on official lockdown. I think quite a few people were still going about normally without it being officially announced. We haven't been anywhere except to grab free lunch for the kids, to get gas, go to the grocery store, hike as a family (not around anyone else, which honestly has taken some searching), and my husband is still going into work (although most of his office is working from home, which is the only reason he can go in).

Surprisingly, we're not going completely stir-crazy. I think it's helped to have a bit of a schedule at home, particularly with the kids. They have to practice piano, read, and do schoolwork before playing electronics. We've also been doing yard work and exercising, and we've been skyping and playing online games with cousins and friends so that we're still socializing. I think still being active and busy helps along with having some downtime to play and watch movies. 

I definitely get interrupted a lot and are spending time with the kids that I normally wouldn't be during the day, so my schedule has had to be shifted a bit. It's a bit of a balance. I am still just grateful that we're doing okay, not sick, have food, etc. We keep praying for relief for the world and blessings for all the medical personnel, especially those working on a vaccine. I hope you are staying safe and well!

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New Books

Thank goodness for new books to come in the mail with all that's going on! Here's what I've received over the past couple of weeks (already shared on Instagram):

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