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The Doctor and the Midwife
By Sarah Alva 
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 256 Pages
September 1st 2020 by Covenant Communications


As a midwife running her own home birth practice, Audrey Novak deals with pressure like a superhuman. Until, that is, she meets her handsome and arrogant neighbor, Dr. Ammon Parker. Ammon, who believes only in modern medicine, is just as unprepared for the infuriating—and inconveniently beautiful—midwife. When the two are repeatedly called to the same labor and delivery unit, their clashing ideals and fiercely independent personalities threaten to derail both their professional goals and their pride.

Outside of work, Audrey is a passionate rock climber, tantalized by a secret route she’s heard about in an online forum. Her hunt for the climb’s location leads her to the intriguing BelayingonofHands, a man who claims to have set the route. Soon their anonymous virtual flirtation and witty exchanges deepen into a true connection. But when Audrey discovers the man from online is actually Ammon, she’s blindsided. It seems they have more in common than she could have imagined, but will their differences keep them from making the climb to true love together?

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My Review

THE DOCTOR AND THE MIDWIFE is a twist on the classic movie In the Good Old Summertime or the newer classic, You've Got Mail. It's the story of two people who build a connection through the Internet without realizing that they don't like each other in real life. It's a story full of snark, humor, heart-touching situations, friendship, and a slowly-building romance. Definitely a story that contemporary Christian romance fans will enjoy!

I loved the banter and chemistry between Audrey and Ammon, but Audrey... man, she had a huge chip on her shoulder! She was downright mean and rude and Ammon would respond accordingly. It took me a bit to actually like her, making me torn at the beginning of this, but I was really curious how they would work things out. Even from the start, you could feel an instant tension between these two and their snarky dialogue (which was quite entertaining) as well as their individual moments when they were trying to be the best at what they did, pushed me forward. As the story unfolds, so do these characters with their vulnerabilities, their dreams, and their strengths. I ended up loving them both so much!   

There were some really difficult sections of this story. Parts that made me cry that dealt with grief and loss. Ammon and Audrey both act so confident. They have to. Ammon is still trying to find his footing as a doctor and Audrey is trying to grow her business and face others' doubts but also her own. It was really interesting to have two characters at somewhat opposite ends of a profession in a way, and see how they could work their way to respect and come to understand each other. They both had to adjust their perspectives, but I liked that they also found things they could take from the other and apply to their own roles. I also felt like Ammon really developed in this story, and I always enjoy when a character does that.

The author did such a fabulous job in retelling a classic, but really making it her own. Having watched both the older movie and You've Got Mail a million times, it was fun finding what was similar and what was different. The things I love about the movie are also present here and I appreciated that here, there isn't any cheating. There's also a light touch of an inspirational element woven throughout as both of these characters are religious. However, there wasn't anything preachy - it's just who they are. I really loved seeing their friendship and then romance bloom and the story progress to a very satisfying end.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I thoroughly enjoyed this story! It was a great mix of humor and romance, but also some really heart-wrenching things that made this a story that pulled on my emotions. I'm looking forward to more from this author!

Content: Clean, although there are some triggers in regards to childbirth.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

Sarah Alva lives in Salt Lake City but calls Arizona home. She graduated from the University of Arizona with degrees in creative writing and political science. In college, she once told a creative writing class she wanted to grow up and be a stay-in-bed mom. She is almost living that dream as a mom to two little boys who don’t like naps or sleeping in as much as she does. When Sarah’s not busy doing mom or wife things, she enjoys reading romance novels in excess, shopping online, and listening to National Public Radio. You can find her on social media at facebook.com/sarah.alva, @writerlysarah, or at sarahalva.com.

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