A perfect read for Regency romance fans... The Promise of Miss Spencer by Sarah L. McConkie (Review)

The Promise of Miss Spencer
(Pure Romance)
By Sarah L. McConkie
Adult Historical Romance
Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 210 Pages
March 10th 2020 by Cedar Fort, Inc.


MISS SUZANNA SPENCER has successfully avoided marriage, waiting for love and equality in a husband of her choice.

Yet when her father suddenly becomes ill, she agrees to his dying wish—to marry Mr. Lacy and secure her future. Cast suddenly into a mourning period, Suzanna and Mr. Lacy agree to keep their engagement a secret until the proper six months have passed. But when Suzanna and Mr. Lacy find themselves thrown together with Miss Grysham and her handsome uncle Lord Haversley, everything becomes complicated. If only Lord Haversley didn’t expose his true bravery.

If only there wasn’t so much more to him than a gaudy Lord in Parliament. If only he would leave Suzanna alone. As the threat of smallpox looms close, all four friends must work together—and apart—to save the lives of those they love. Forced into keeping a promise, or securing the promise of her future, Suzanna must reconcile her obligations with her heart as she searches for a love she never had.

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My Review

THE PROMISE OF MISS SPENCER is a book with likable characters, great dialogue, sweet romance, and a heartfelt story. Recommended to sweet romance fans.

I really liked these characters. Miss Spencer's father had let her enjoy her life as she'd liked, but then exacts a promise of her that she wasn't ready to give. She wants to do her duty, but finds her heart resists. It was a bit of a predicament. Then Lord Haversley comes on the scene and causes more problems. I found much of their association to be humorous as they are at odds with each other. As the story unfolds, they find they have a lot more in common than they thought. I enjoyed the tension that you could feel between them that I knew could turn into something a bit more pleasant if they would be open to it. Lord Haversley's family and Mr. Lacy all have their roles to play and I especially enjoyed Lord Haversley's sister and her friendship with Suzanna. 

There was an interesting aspect of this story involving vaccinations. Parts were quite intriguing, and others heartbreaking. It's not a subject I've read much about in other books, if at all. I think some parts of the story needed a bit more development to avoid some lulls, but otherwise, I felt it was well written.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I enjoyed this story. It's steadily-paced with characters I liked, a sweet romance, and a story that will tug on the heart. I'm looking forward to reading more books from this author!

Content: Clean
Source: Borrowed through KindleUnlimited

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