Weekly Update #393, a long week...

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This week was full of good things and tough things. Some of my kids have been a bit stressed, so it's challenged me to help them work though some things and to not let my own challenges carry over to them. My oldest daughter faced a heartbreaking disappointment, and it broke my heart because I saw how it broke hers. It can be a good learning experience though and I'm hoping it will turn out to be. We also enjoyed having the kids off of school Wednesday for Veteran's Day and some successes during the week. This is my really busy season for Prism Book Tours and then I had three reviews this last week that I wasn't ready for, which meant several late nights. I'll be working non-stop the next two weeks, but then hope for a very relaxing December. I feel like life is so much like this week was: a mix of good and bad. There are so many things as a mother that I feel I need to improve on, but I can also see the things we are so blessed with and when I have a great moment or really connect with my kids it makes it all worth it. Lots of tender mercies and sweet blessings. And of course books. Lol!

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