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At Lighthouse Point
(Three Sisters Island #3)
By Suzanne Woods Fisher
Christian Contemporary Romance
Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 320 Pages
May 4, 2021 by Revell


Blaine Grayson returns to Three Sisters Island with a grand plan–to take Camp Kicking Moose to the next level. Her dream starts to unravel when she discovers Moose Manor’s kitchen has been badly remodeled by her sister, Cam, who doesn’t know how to cook. Added to that blow is the cold shoulder given by her best friend, Artie Lotosky, now a doctor to the unbridged Maine islands.

As old wounds are opened, Blaine starts to wonder if she made a mistake by coming home. Little by little, she must let go of one dream to discover a new one, opening her heart to a purpose and a future she had never imagined.

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My Review

AT LIGHTHOUSE POINT is a story of family, second chances, friendship, commitment, faith and romance set in an island community in Maine. Readers who have fallen in love with the Grayson family will love coming back to the island with the youngest daughter as she works out her happily ever after.

I couldn't help smiling as I started this book. This series has stuck with me and I was more than happy to come back to Three Sisters Island and see how the Grayson family was doing. I also knew that Blaine was lost in the last book so I was also looking forward to seeing how her story would unfold. I was not disappointed!

There is so much going on in this story. There is the camp that the Graysons have renovated, the town improvements and resistance to change, Cam's and Seth's marriage, Maddie's and Rick's marriage, Paul's own happiness, Paul's father's situation, Jean-Paul's situation, and then Blaine herself. I thought the author did a wonderful job in managing all these moving pieces and keeping the characters consistent. I loved seeing where everyone was at in their lives and still working through their challenges, including making their marriages work. My favorite part of the story was with Blaine, of course. She was trying not to revert to who she used to be and also figure out what God wanted her to do. She had a difficult journey, but I feel like her happiness was so much more rewarding because of it. There were lots of little pieces of wisdom throughout the story (mostly delivered by Jean-Paul) that I also loved, such as "pray and release."

My only complaint is that I wanted more development between Artie and Blaine. It felt like there wasn't much reconciliation or them getting to know each other again. I would have liked more of that in the story. 

In the end, was it what I wished for? This was a lovely, heartfelt ending to this series. It's a series I highly recommend for fans of women's fiction and Christian romance. There are so many pieces of wisdom to learn from this family and these three sisters, particularly Blaine who learns to trust in God and find her own path.

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through Celebrate Lit, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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About the Author

Award winning author Suzanne Woods Fisher writes for readers who have learned to expect the unexpected. With more than one million copies of her books sold worldwide, she is the bestselling author of more than 30 works, ranging from novels to non-fiction books to children’s books. Currently, she lives with her very big family in the East Bay.

More from Suzanne

10 Curious Facts about Lighthouses

People love lighthouses. There’s just something special about those sturdy sentinels with their beacons of light, patiently sweeping the water, their mournful and haunting wail of a foghorn. Longfollow’s poem, The Lighthouse, written in 1850, captured the allure so well:

And as the evening darkens, lo! how bright,
Through the deep purple of the twilight air,
Beams forth the sudden radiance of its light,
With strange, unearthly splendor in the glare!

“Unearthly splendor.” Wow, doesn’t that hit the nail on the head? A lighthouse, to me, represents a spiritual truth: Someone’s watching out for us, looking out for the dangers ahead, and always glad to welcome us home.

Here are 10 facts about lighthouses that you might not know:
  1. THE FIRST KNOWN LIGHTHOUSE was Egypt’s Pharos of Alexandria, Egypt, built in the third century B.C. The lighthouse was made from a fire on a platform to warn sailors of the port’s entrance. This lighthouse was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  2. THE OLDEST EXISTING LIGHTHOUSE IN THE WORLD is considered to be La Coruna in Spain that dates from ca. 20 B.C. A Roman lighthouse is located on the Cliffs of Dover in the UK that was constructed in 40 A.D.
  3. THE UNITED STATES IS HOME to more lighthouses than any other country.
  4. THE FIRST LIGHTHOUSE IN AMERICA was at Boston on Little Brewster Island (1716). The first keeper was George Worthylake who, sadly, was drowned, along with his wife and daughter, when returning to the island in 1718.
  5. THE TALLEST LIGHTHOUSE is on Cape Hatteras, NC. Built in 1872, it reached 196 feet tall.
  6. THE FIRST WEST COAST LIGHTHOUSE was built on Alcatraz Island in 1854.
  7. DAYMARKS are the painted colors and patterns (diamonds, spirals and stripes) on lighthouse towers to distinguish them from each other.
  8. LIGHTHOUSE KEEPING was one of the first U.S. government jobs available to women, as far back as the 19th century. Most obtained their position when their husband died or became incapacitated.
  9. THE RANGE OF THE LIGHTHOUSE LIGHT produces a light seen 25 miles at sea.
  10. ABOUT 700 LIGHTHOUSES are still in active use in the United States.
As I wrote the third book in the ‘Three Sisters island’ series, I just had to give that little charred lighthouse its day in the sun. It had patiently played a role in the first two books, waiting for its turn on center stage. Not only did its setting provide a very unexpected “WHAT? How did that happen?” conclusion to the series, it even stole the headline! The undisputed title: At Lighthouse Point.

Do you have a favorite lighthouse? If so, please add your picture in the comments below. Don’t forget to include its location.

Thanks for reading! Stay well, stay home, and read.


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