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A Lady in Attendance
By Rachel Fordham
Christian Historical Fiction
Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 351 Pages
June 1, 2021 by Fleming H. Revell Company


Will the Past Destroy Her Future?

Ada, Mi.
—Rachel Fordham’s historical novels have received high praise for their warm and engaging story lines filled with romance, adventure, and happy endings. In A Lady in Attendance, Fordham beautifully blends these same great features in a novel about overcoming obstacles in the past to make room for a better future.

After spending the last five years in a New York state reformatory, Hazel is desperate to begin life anew, but she knows that a tarnished name could ruin her chances. She accepts a job as Doctor Gilbert Watts’ lady in attendance but does so under an alias so she can hide her shameful past.

Dr. Watts has come to enjoy the pleasant chatter of his new dental assistant, but he senses her sadness and wonders if there is more to her story than she’s shared with him. As their friendship deepens, Hazel must grapple with her desire to trust him.

Can Dr. Watts and Hazel’s friends help expunge her record? And can Hazel possibly find hope and love along the way?

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“Between patients, let me take a look?” Heat raced up his face. He’d never looked at a woman’s feet, but he did not rescind his offer. A fierce longing to assist and protect her grew with each word he spoke. It burned within him, igniting a flame he hadn’t known before. “I wish to help.”

“I couldn’t.” She turned toward the window. “Look, our patient is here.”

Their conversation was put on hold as they cared for sweet old Eloise. When she left, she kissed Hazel’s cheek and called her a darling girl. Hazel limped beside the older woman as she walked her to the door and closed it behind her.

“Your feet,” Gilbert said the moment they were alone again. He retrieved some bandages from a cabinet and handed them to her. “We’ve a few minutes more before Duncan is scheduled to arrive, but he’s often late, so you ought to have at least half an hour.” She looked around but didn’t sit. Sensing her unease, he pointed to his private office. “You may go in there if you wish. Then if Duncan arrives early, he won’t see you.”

She nodded, took the bandages, and smiled weakly at him before escaping to his small office and seating herself in his chair.

About the Author

Rachel Fordham is the author of The Hope of Azure Springs, Yours Truly, Thomas, and A Life Once Dreamed. Fans expect stories with heart, and she delivers, diving deep into the human experience and tugging at reader emotions. She loves connecting with people, traveling to new places, and daydreaming about future projects that will have sigh-worthy endings and memorable characters. She is a busy mom, raising both biological and foster children (a cause she feels passionate about). She lives with her husband and children on an island in the state of Washington.

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