A quirky children's book about being grumpy and finding calm... The Grumpy Frumpy Croissant by Mona K (Review) #kidslit #childrensbooks #kidart

The Grumpy Frumpy Croissant
By Mona K
Illustrated b Korey Scott
Children's Illustrated Book
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 36 Pages
January 8, 2021


Even Your Breakfast Has Bad Days!

Grumpy Frumpy Croissant isn't happy, and he's taking it out on the breakfast plate! Toast, Scone, and Milk think he's being mean, but Croissant thinks they’re being mean. A sip of Milk and ten deep breaths help everyone calm down and talk to each other.

Beneath the charming, hand-drawn illustrations in Grumpy Frumpy Croissant is a lesson about misunderstandings that any child can grasp. Croissant learns about letting anger pass by stopping and breathing, and how he hurts other's feelings when he yells. It's a simple story for parents to introduce ideas of managing feelings to children. Grumpy Frumpy Croissant also features:

✓ Delicious croissant recipes that parents can make with their children.
✓ Full-page coloring activities featuring the characters in the books (kindle and e-reader compatible too!)
✓ Beautiful illustrations with vibrant colors and fun, animated characters from the breakfast table.

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My Review

THE GRUMPY FRUMPY CROISSANT is a story about a croissant who is a bit grumpy. There is an argument about the space on a plate and the croissant feels unimportant which makes him grumpy. The book has illustrations that children will find entertaining. The story teaches about being aware of others and being kind instead of grumpy in an engaging way with easy-to-read, short sentences. My ten-year-old daughter enjoyed reading it after the cover caught her attention. There are also coloring pages in the back, which I thought was a really fun idea. An overall quirky, enjoyable book to have on children’s shelves.

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy through DartFrog Books, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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