Author Meet and Greet: Fierce Reads Tour

I was super excited to get to go to a stop on the Fall 2013 Fierce Reads Tour on Monday night over at the Changing Hands Bookstore! The tour includes eight authors and four of those came here, to Arizona. The authors that came were: Marissa Meyer (*cheers*), Leila Sales, S.A. "Stephanie" Bodeen, and Alexandra Coutts. These are the books they were featuring:

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)This Song Will Save Your LifeThe Fallout (The Compound, #2)Tumble & Fall

I've read both Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa, just finished This Song Will Save Your Life Sunday (review to post soon), and have the other two from the library that I just picked up this week. I thought it would be super packed, because, I mean there were four authors coming and one of them was Marissa Meyer. We did feel up the area, but it wasn't crazy or super crowded. The program basically was a Q&A at the beginning, panel style, and then was followed by a book signing.

Some of the questions asked were about their daily routines (some have them and some don't), their writing process (some use outlines - Marissa extensively - and some don't), if they would rather live in their storybook world (umm...none of them said they would - I mean they are all kind of depressing in a way and more dangerous even though they are all more exciting and they would be doing something that they probably wouldn't have the chance to do in real life), and what inspired them to write their stories, if they use a playlist or have one that they use (some do, some don't, some do sometimes and other times don't). They all were super down-to-earth and fabulous to get to meet. Of course, I am a huge fan of Marissa and so I was practically anxious all day waiting until I got to meet her. Here are a few pictures with my grainy/blury phone's camera (I've got to invest in a new camera - a smaller version than what I have now):

The first picture has Marissa, then me, then Leila. The second picture has Stephanie and Alex.

I have another author meet and greet coming up in a few weeks that I'm super excited for. I really love going to these things! I did find out that I need to get some blog business cards. A few people asked for them and it had just never occurred to me to have something like that. See, I'm still learning. :) I also met a fellow blogger. She blogs about food (her blog is The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie), but I love cooking, so I'm all about that. She also is part of a book group that she was with at the event. I also got to hang out with my sister, which is always a great time. Next time I will have to take a picture of us. I was hoping that there would be a lot more swag. I really wanted a Cinder and Scarlet poster, but no luck.

The funnest thing though was seeing them and getting to meet them, and of course getting my books signed! I'm giving away two signed books from the tour for my monthly giveaway and a few swag items along with them that I did grab (just some bookmarks). Go enter, if you haven't already!

Happy reading!

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