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"In Rao's debut novel an arranged marriage sets the stage for an intimate look at the exasperating madness of love....An often intoxicating...will-they-won't-they tale."- KIRKUS REVIEWS

An Incurable InsanityAn Incurable Insanity
by Simi K Rao
Paperback, eBook, 376 pages
Published October 8, 2013 by Tate Publishing

Her heart fluttered when she heard the sound of the key turn in the lock. She quickly adjusted her maroon silk sari with the yellow border, the one that had caught his eye, and waited eagerly for his footsteps.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... Yes, exactly seven steps before he stopped, hesitated for a few moments, then removed his shoes one by one and arranged them neatly side by side on the shoe rack.

She smiled. He had been mindful of taking his shoes off every day now. "I am not used to it, but I will if you want me to. It's probably a good thing to do anyway."

As he settled down, he would pick up the TV remote and, without looking at her, would say in his smooth baritone, "So how did you spend your day, anything interesting?"

Shaan Ahuja found himself bowing to tradition and agreeing to an arranged marriage to the beautiful Ruhi Sharma. He went through the motions but had no intention of carrying through on his vows. His last foray into matters of the heart with an American girl had left him scarred and unwilling to try again. Thoroughly disillusioned and disgruntled he wasted no time in making his intentions clear to Ruhi on their wedding night. But, he was completely unprepared for what his new wife had in mind.

Mel says, ‘I bought this around 11:00 on a Wednesday evening and finished it at 4 am the next day! Once I fell in love with the main character, Ruhi, I couldn’t put it down until I knew how it ended….’

Kelley says, ‘I loved the relationship between the characters, Ruhi and Shaan, and really felt that this book pulled you onto the emotional roller coaster that these two were on as they began their arranged marriage. In addition, the author provided unique insight into the custom of arranged marriages and the Indian culture. She did an excellent job of getting your interest from the beginning and keeping it throughout the book…

Priyasree says, ‘what do I say??? the title “An Incurable Insanity” says it all. Right from the beginning when u start reading, U will fall in love with the characters Shaan and Ruhi, and U will be hooked…’

Deepali says, ‘The author has done a splendid job of developing and portraying the feeling of the characters. she was also successfull in providing an insight in the indian culture.’

Simi K. Rao was born in India and has been living in the United States for several years. The inspiration for An Incurable Insanity came from what she has seen transpire among and within the immigrant community. Some of the experiences included are her own; some have been garnered from friends and casual conversations with acquaintances...

Simi K. Rao
I am a physician–and to many I may appear serious and solitary. But once people get to know me better, they often think that I am frank, down to earth, with quite a quirky sense of humor. And that is what I bring to my writing—read and you shall see.

I was born in the dead center of India, but had the privilege of spending time both in the north and south. Therefore I have been able to sample and absorb to some extent the vastly diverse cultures and languages of both these regions (the very quality that imparts tremendous richness to our country’s heritage,) —a phenomenon perhaps not seen anywhere else in the world.

After immigrating to the United States in my early twenties and spending several years in this country, whenever I travel back to my homeland now, I find that I appreciate my roots a lot more. Still there is so much to see and learn, that a lifetime won’t suffice.


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